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Previously: Richmond brought out the big guns, exposing Mayor Adams for supporting his mistress and love child. Timely, no? Mitch identified a T-shirt of Rosie's found inside the butcher shop. Ahmed was gently advised not to return to school for a while, then his wife overheard him having a phone conversation about forged passports.

As it were, Linden and Holder also overheard the conversation courtesy of a not-so-kosher wire Holder put on the Ahmeds' phone. We open as they sit with an Arabic translator, who tells them Ahmed said, "Muhammed, the police, they don't know anything." Then she gives them Muhammed's side of the conversation: "But someone told the police about the room. They know about the girl." Ahmed responds, "They won't be able to find you. We just need to stay calm, okay?" Muhammed agrees, then Ahmed says in English, "The passports will be arriving tomorrow. Call me when they do, then this will all be over."

Holder thinks it's a slam dunk and is certain his judge friend will grant them a retroactive warrant for the wire tap. Linden asks if they have the number of the incoming phone call. Holder tells her it'll take 24 hours but not to sweat it. "All we gotta do now is cross our Is and dot our Ts." Linden calls for patrolmen to monitor Ahmed's house until they get the warrant signed, then sends Holder to meet with his judge friend. As Linden runs outside, she gets a phone call from Mitch, who wants to apologize for being rude the day before. She asks if Linden has arrested Ahmed yet. Linden promises, "It'll be over tonight." Credits.

Mitch heads downstairs to find Stan arriving home. He immediately says he doesn't want to fight. She tells him, tears streaming, "It's over. They're arresting the teacher." She grabs hold of him fiercely, and he breathes a sigh of relief.

Downtown. Adams holds a press conference to refute the news about his mistress and love child. He insists that he underwent a vasectomy before the supposed love child was conceived. Back at Richmond HQ, they're watching the conference as Jamie lies through his teeth to a reporter and denies any connection to the story. On the TV, Adams calls the allegation "A desperate act by a desperate man." Well, at least we know one true statement came out of his mouth that night. Richmond turns off the TV and asks Gwen how the smear campaign is being linked back to him. It wasn't supposed to be traceable. Gwen assures him they're going to put out a statement about his thus far flawless record. "Thus far" being the key words there.

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The Killing




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