The Killing

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Nine Lives

They arrive at the safe house. As Muhammad knocks on the door, Linden gets a call that Bennet never arrived home from work that day. Elsewhere, down a dark road, Stan's van parks somewhere deserted. Belko and Stan rip Ahmed out of the car. He cries for his life, then tries to run. Belko catches him. Meanwhile, Mitch is doing laundry when she comes across the pink Grand Canyon T-shirt she mistakenly identified as the one at the mosque. She desperately calls Stan and leaves a message. Back at the safe house, Aisha finally answers the door with a timid look in her eyes, backing away slowly from the outsiders. Out in the darkness, Stan and Belko bash and smash Ahmed, punching and kicking him until his legs stop flailing. Richmond carries the basketball into his office and sits down. Amber looks at her baby girl's crib with worry. Mitch calls Stan again, frantic about what she has made happen. Linden drives as Holder puts out an APB for Bennet Ahmed. Stan punches Ahmed a few more times, and Belko kicks him in the ribs even as he ceases to respond to the pummeling. Their shadows stand ominously against the darkness.

Next week: The detectives look for Adela in hopes of cracking the case on Rosie. Richmond burns bridges. Mitch discovers Stan has lost $16,000. And Belko looks to be in prison.

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The Killing




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