The Killing

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Under the Gun

Back at his house, Linden tells Amber she knows she arrived to her sister's house late and upset. Amber admits that she went to the dance and sat outside in her car, feeling bad about herself as she watched the young girls parading around their tight bodies in miniskirts. She groans in pain, so Linden gets her a glass of water. Amber explains that she had a miscarriage the year before, so this pregnancy she's not supposed to be on her feet, lift anything, even buy groceries. Linden lights on this detail since it makes Amber an unlikely suspect for dragging a corpse out of her house. Linden asks who let Rosie into the house. Amber claims Bennet did and that Rosie returned the Qur'an in front of Linden, but Linden knows this isn't the case because she has videotape of Bennet at the dance at the time Rosie arrived at their house. Linden looks at the Qur'an, which came from the Green Lake Mosque on North Simpson Street. She wonders if anyone else has access the Ahmeds' apartment. Amber mentions someone named Mohammed before Bennet arrives home safe but shaken. He tells Linden she almost got him killed tonight and directs her to his lawyer if she has any further questions.

Linden leaves the Ahmeds' and calls Holder to tell that Amber couldn't have been Bennet's accomplice and them they need to check out the mosque. "We?" he asks, reminding her that she needs to catch a flight. Linden races to the airport only to find that she and Jack have just missed their flight. The airline rep tells her there will be plenty of flights the next day. She advises her to arrive at the gate at least 20 minutes before boarding. They walk out and Jack says, "You owe me $50 million!"

Larsen home. Mitch lies in bed with Stan as she tells him she thought he was going to kill Ahmed. He remembers when they first got together, how Mitch refused to have children with him unless he changed. So when she got pregnant with Rosie, he straightened up so they could get married. "Funny thing," he says, "once Rosie came along, I didn't even have to try." He lets out heartbreaking half-laugh and says he can't be that man again. No matter what he could have done to Ahmed tonight, it wouldn't save Rosie. Mitch sighs, "Oh, Stan." She leans in to kiss him. They wrap themselves up in each other with increasing passion. They're interrupted when Denny comes in saying he had a bad dream. They welcome him into the bed between them, and Stan promises to take Denny to the park tomorrow to fly kites. They clasp hands over his little body as they all try to seek relief in sleep.

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The Killing




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