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Gwen or Jamie killed Rosie Larsen, meaning neither of them did, but it was probably Jamie, meaning it wasn't Jamie. The inspiring Ted Wright welcomed Darren Richmond into his home just as Linden and Holder were figuring out that it was Ted's grandson Jamie, which means at least four people are now wrong in thinking it was Jamie. Meanwhile, the internet decided en masse that it was Terry, all at once, just like those monkeys on that island that decided it was Terry Marek at the same time the other monkeys on an island three million miles away also decided it was Terry Marek. Or, by the simple logic that nobody can figure out another reason for her crazy ass to exist, except to replace Belko as the Cousin Marilyn in the shadowy freak show that is Rosie's surviving family, unless she did it. I find this unconvincing, but then I haven't really been paying attention at any point, because I don't care who killed Rosie Larsen.

And tonight we finally learn who killed Rosie Larsen!


Rosie screamed! Like she was getting murdered!

But it was just a ruse; the boys were chasing her around. (It was her brothers that did it!) They were all super excited because they were going camping, but Rosie refused to go with them, because she was about to have the busiest day a teen ever did have.

Mitch: "So you'll go straight to Sterling's house after the dance? There's not a working phone at the campsite, so essentially you are in the middle of a horror movie right now."
Rosie: "Yeah, MOM! I'm not an idiot, MOM!"
Terry: "This relationship gives me pause. Or maybe it's just that nobody has ever smiled in this house, or ever will again."
Rosie: "Staring off into space, I get that from my mom. But the smiling part, that must be from my mysterious birth father. I can't wait to run away later. After I make a movie and take the ferry to the Casino and spot Michael Ames at the ferry and then sneak up to the 10th Floor to stare at Seattle and then bleed everywhere and then get chased through the woods and then get murdered a little bit and then be put in a car trunk so the murderer doesn't look me in the eye. But first, I gotta drop some last-minute eaves."

Rosie: "Daddy, I just wanted to say goodbye, and also you're the only person on this show I don't have a problem wi..."
Stan: "-- Sweetie, I'm yelling at vendors right now. But I do love you."

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