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Gwen: "Cool, thanks. I am working with Linden and Holder now. We've always been the best of friends. Guys! Listen, they're at some weird shack."
Holder: "That's the address of Ted Wright! Probably they were having a discussion in their wheelchairs and now Jamie is going to kill them both."
Linden: "I'll call some cars to meet us there!"
Holder: "No, I will. Since you're not a police detective and have no business being involved in one single part of what's going on."


Darren: "Jamie, why are you wheeling me all over town right now?"
Jamie: "This used to be a small logging town. I have a weird story to say right now."

He tells a weird story that is basically about gay love and how he has given Darren a city all his own: Adams will concede within the hour, which means it was all over it. He ignores a call and then stares at Darren, vibrating happily.

Darren: "Why did you lie, Jamie?"
Jamie: "About the leg? Don't even worr..."
Darren: "No, I get that. I meant why did you lie to the police? About that night?"
Jamie: "My grandfather is too drunk to know whether or not he's really my alibi! And a jerk!"
Darren: "I feel like whatever question I ask, you answer an unrelated thing that is weird and not very helpful. Let's try it. Jamie, where were you the night you killed Rosie Larsen?"
Jamie: "Indian Bones!"

Darren: "Sure, gotcha. But what about Rosie?"
Jamie: "I just do terrible things, okay? So you don't have to!"
Darren: "But did you kill that girl?"
Jamie: "Politics is like this! Sometimes like that! A Casino!"
Darren: "Jamie but did you kill a person?"
Jamie: "I dress like a Winter because we live in Seattle! Even though technically I'm more of a Spring! Color Me Beautiful!"
Darren: "Jamie, you are losing me."
Jamie: "Okay I killed her! On accident!"
Darren: "Oh, dang."


Ames & Nicole: "We are gross snake people! That person got caught with Bones!"
Jamie: "It's fine, you guys. Ames, just don't press charges. Whatever. Now, let's all leave the 10th Floor separately. As we always do, when we have these meetings."

Ames leaves, Jamie is creepy. That's one. I think Nicole leaves, that's two. Jamie shuts off that generator... And hears Rosie's phone ringing. He doesn't even know who she is.

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The Killing




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