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Jamie: "Who are you and what are you doing here?"
Rosie: "I am a little girl who doesn't even really get what you guys were talking about."
Jamie: "Then why did you have a camera?"
Rosie: "Because I am pretentious and it's my only belonging of value."
Jamie: "If you don't stop being afraid of my total menace, I may have to..."

He knocks her ass out, and this whole time he's telling the story to Darren like he was explaining to her in very measured tones and she was being obstinate and screaming, which doesn't really seem to be true. He just kind of karate-chopped her and she dropped.

Darren: "Also, if you're so reasonable then how come the Killing took three different murders? And why did you just pull out my gun, that you found a couple episodes ago?"
Jamie: "Okay, that's a good question. The first time I killed her, it was just the karate chop at the Casino. And then the next time, she woke up in my car so I chased her through the woods. That part sucked for both of us!"
Darren: "I bet. It gets cold here because of the shitty weather."
Jamie: "So then the third time I killed her, it was for gay love."
Darren: "Really?"
Jamie: "Yeah, for real."
Darren: "I have to go."
Jamie: "Not if I shoot you first! You are very ungrateful about all this."

Darren: "I kind of ended up in a wheelchair because of this, though."
Jamie: "I think it was more that you are a jerk! You cheated on Gwen with choking whores! That is very rude! And I think you also let your wife die, to become famous!"
Darren: "Now you just sound crazy."

Linden: "Mr. Wright, please put down that gun. Shooting Darren at this point would be obnoxious."
Jamie: "I am in a kind of mental Viet Nam right now. I have no exit strategy."
Darren: "Jamie, shooting me is literally the only way you could make this worse."
Jamie: "Mr. Mayor! We can still do this!"
Darren: "Oh girl."

He goes to shoot Linden, but Holder shoots him instead, and then it's just Holder shaking and Gwen crying and Sarah -- admittedly, it's her first response which is lovely -- awkwardly patting her.

Linden: "Human. We are alive, Human. Your emotions are realistic."

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The Killing




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