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Gwen: "I know but that was just really effed up! Also, what the hell is going to happen for the rest of this episode?"

Holder: "I just killed the cutest little guy. I need hugs too."
Darren: "I do not believe that anybody will ever love me more than Jamie Wright. It is a complicated issue. And also, how is this going to affect my mayoral campaign? It would be very ironic if Jamie accidentally caused the deaths of like ten people and two seasons of a TV show and then I lost because of him. In fact, it would kind of prove his point. And, too, is what he said true? Do I unconsciously let other people do my dirty work? I just thought I was selfish because that's how grieving works. But if poor Jamie was right, I might need therapy."


Cops: "Oh, and Jamie's gun was empty, too. In case you were thinking one single part of this sad goat rodeo was unavoidable."

It's kind of great because the next several scenes are like the ending scenes of every other episode. Which is, presumably, because we're about to get a whole new case and that's the real deal with this episode. Boy I hope the show gets renewed, or else it's going to be one more black mark: How the finale was actually the penultimate episode plus twenty minutes of this one.

I still can't believe it was Jamie. Although it does make me feel better that the gay element was only in my imagination. I mean, any murder with a political campaign it's always the Jamie, the kinda weird, ambitious, crazy-loyal kid who wants to be a vizier behind the throne, so I'm glad that suffices. I just really liked Jamie. The things he was judgmental about are the things I am challenged by as well. Plus, he was wee.


Stan wakes up alone, growling like a big old bear, and heads out into the house. Mitch has gone wild in the night! Digging through all of Rosie's very pink shit and packing it up in the family business's moving boxes.

Stan: "Welcome back to sanity, lady. I'll just help you without saying anything."
Mitch: "Much appreciated."


Holder: "Okay, here's some bonus evidence about the whole case that we just solved. Including film from Rosie's camera."
Linden: "Film from Rosie's camera, you say. Send it to the lab."
Holder: "Uh, we already solved this Killing though. No more Killing to solve. Now you're just ghost-whispering for fun."

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The Killing




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