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Gwen returns to tell Richmond the Principal Meyers from Fort Washington is here. Gwen and Jamie step out, and the principal gives Richmond the heads-up that the police are looking into Ahmed for the murder. He thanks her for the information. As he escorts her out, she mentions that school board elections are coming up in the spring and asks for his endorsement, proposing they work together for the city. He vaguely tells her he'll be in touch, then sees her out the door. He heads back into the meeting room where Jamie and Gwen are watching his "Action, not talk" TV spot. It's been running all morning, and unfortunately the closing shot shows Richmond embracing Bennet Ahmed. He grabs the remote control, turns off the TV, and throws it down on the table in annoyance, walking out to quizzical looks from his advisers.

Elsewhere, Holder returns from the coffee shop with one cup, so Linden calls him out. He says drily that he got her a going-away present but is saving it for when she actually goes away. Linden gets to business, telling him to canvass Ahmed's block in hopes that they find someone who has information. He wants to delay things by smoking, so she bristles, "After I leave, and they give the case to someone else, and you're working traffic, you can smoke all day." She walks off to talk to Ahmed's downstairs neighbor, who can only say that Ahmed "got that white wife real pregnant" before Holder calls out that he found something.

Across the street, a store owner tells them he had to close early (10 PM) on Friday to tend to some family business, so he knows that he saw a young white girl with dark hair knocking on Ahmed's door. He saw her go in, but he never saw her leave. He says excellent eyes run in his family and IDs Rosie for the detectives.

Meanwhile, Stan and Belko wrap up some work before Rosie's funeral. Stan takes off his jacket, tie, and cufflinks to lift some heavy boxes. Belko offers to help carry the load, but Stan is fueled by rage, regret, sadness, you name it. As they move the boxes, Belko says he's been in touch with his contact at Fort Washington and that the cops have a strong lead on who did it. The buddy will call back later that day to tell them.

Back at home, Terry helps Mitch pick out an outfit for the funeral. Terry dresses her and laughs about how she used to fight when Mitch tried to dress her. Terry exhales a slight chuckle through her tears, calling Terry a brat. Terry looks up to her big sister and assures her, "You look pretty." Mitch heads downstairs and meets Stan, who takes her in with infinite, silent sadness before grabbing her hand. The boys come down, they all head out.

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The Killing




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