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All About Yves, Again

In the Lone Gunvan, Lenny watches the LGs sneak into the fortress, and tells the well-dressed dude on the phone that "three blue mice are heading for the cheese."

Lone Gunpad. Jimmy has bullied Kimmy into hacking for him. He grabs him by the ear, and channeling Professor Frink, Kimmy says, "Hurting! Hurting!" Jimmy needs Kimmy to trace a number Mulder gave him -- supposedly, Frohike's number. Kimmy hacks, and the phone number comes up as being billed to Martha Stewart Living. It's Yves! Duh! Yves had stolen Lenny's disk and was going to give it to Mulder! Duh, again! Then, Yves walks in, hands over the disk, and says, "See that it gets to Agent Mulder." It's the Maherrin project -- a file of alien abductees. And what about Romeo 61? "Classic disinformation. Bait. Lures your friends couldn't resist." So it's all meaningless. Sigh.

The fortress. The three blue-faced-and-red-dotted LGs try to make it past the facial-recognition software. Of course they will make it. Are we supposed to care, knowing that everything they believe in and want to learn is all baloney?

Jimmy and Yves try to find out where the LGs are. Why did Lenny do this? He wants his disk back, and, he's working for someone whom Yves has been running from for a long time. Who? Why? All Yves will say is that she won't surrender to him, and that if they don't find the LGs, they're dead.

The LGs get past the software. Of course. Fifty-eight minutes in, people.

Jimmy remembers the info from Yves's room at the Bishop Place. Yves is like, what room at the Bishop Place? What is Fenix Atlantic?

The LGs make it into the room with the vault where Byers suspects "every answer to every question we've ever asked is." Yeah. And you're going to open it and we're going to know who shot JFK.

In a dark alley, Jimmy's car pulls up behind the Lone Gunvan. Yves figures out that the LGs are inside. Jimmy says he'll go in by himself, since no one's after him. Yves says that's a "smart plan," kisses him, and knocks him out with a shot. As Jimmy slumps onto Kimmy, Yves commands him to take Jimmy home. Then, she goes inside the fortress.

Next to the vault, the LGs are frustrated. "It's like these schematics are totally, like..." "Fake?" It dawns on them. They've been had. The elevator slides open, and Lenny, the well-dressed dude, a bunch of SWAT team dudes, and a captured Yves come out. Lenny smiles broadly and asks, "Why so blue?" Then the blip says, "To Be Continued." So is the show not cancelled? Yay? Not the end? What about the disk? Sigh.

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