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Grin and Bear It. (Sorry.)

Jimmy's making a little skiing diorama. He maneuvers a skier and makes a vrooming noise with his mouth. This is so second-grade I can't stand it. Nurse Hornball comes in, and Jimmy says he thinks peeing into Tupperware "will really catch on in the civilian world." No, that I can't stand. Who on the boards said this episode didn't have as much toilet humor? They must have been wishing. Nurse Hornball is so impressed with Jimmy's diorama that she offers him a "nice, warm sponge bath," and Jimmy still doesn't get it. Then she says the hospital had to deal with "a situation" last night, and Jimmy's crotchety neighbor says ha! You mean the guy who died on the table? Wow, he gets the inside dirt! Jimmy gets the first inkling that the death doctor is present. Der. Nurse Hornball runs off to fetch Jimmy an ice-cream bar, and passes Yves in the hallway. Yves is wearing chinos and a red turtleneck sweater. What? No exposed collarbones? No black? Does Yves have amnesia? She sashays into Jimmy's room; Nurse Hornball sees her go, and jealously returns the ice-cream bar.

Jimmy is happy to see Yves, but has the sense to ask why she came out to Washington State just to check up on him, because doesn't she think he's a retard? Nurse Hornball comes in, practically green, and Yves leans in and murmurs, "Why do you think I don't like you?" Jimmy says he "usually has a sense when women dig [him]," and Nurse Hornball jerks the cord that's keeping his leg in traction. Dude! Ow! Yves checks out the diorama and is all, "You don't remember what happened on the mountain? Later." To get payback, Nurse Hornball jams Jimmy in the ass with a needle. Ow again! Comedy! Or something!

Back at the van, the LGs are still watching the Urinator, who emerges from his cabin and -- oh no! -- shoots right at them. Except he's not. He's shooting tin cans. A delivery van rolls up (Transcontinental Express, again) and the Urinator signs for something.

Jimmy's playing with his...diorama. Crotchety Neighbor tells him to shut up. They yell at each other, and Jimmy falls out of bed, crushing his ski scene. Meaning the whoop-ass, CN yells, "And there's more where that came from!" Heh. Nurse Hornball and the DWMOMNBE come running. A lollipop falls out of his white doctor coat, and Jimmy gets clue #2.

The LGs have tracked the origin of the delivery: Shiny Health Medical Group, straight out of Shanghai. Yeah, I bet the black market for grizzly bear gall bladders is huge. Byers figures that the letter contains details of the next meeting. Jimmy calls and tells them that he thinks his doctor is a killer. The LGs ask what proof he has; Jimmy has none, and the music gets mischievous as the LGs hang up on his ass.

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Lone Gunmen




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