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Grin and Bear It. (Sorry.)

More mischievous music as Jimmy clumsily wheels himself around the hospital looking for dirt on the death doctor. He sees his crotchety neighbor is next under the knife. And, next to die? Bum bum...oh, you know.

Crotchety Neighbor is signing a form, and being all crotchety about it. Nurse Hornball is like, don't forget the next-of-kin, and he's like, I have no son! The DWMOMNBE is like, see you in the OR, and Jimmy spills his cockamamie idea about his death doctor. CN, who totally is The Man from Chico and The Man (what a great show that was), pooh-poohs Jimmy because he has no proof. What is he, Byers?

Lone Gunvan. Langly's cold. Byers wants to get the Urinator "dead to rights." Why does he care so much? We hear the story: he used to love the show Gentle Ben --he wanted to hug him -- but then at age twelve he saw a real grizzly that scared the pants off him. The park rangers had to shoot that "rogue male," and he realized that "there will never be another like [that bear]." So, this week's lesson is that All Bears Are Special. The end. No, I wish.

Jimmy tells Yves (who's wearing a white turtleneck sweater) about his cockamamie theory. He asks her to "do that thing with the internet so we can bust the guy." Crotchety Neighbor says that sounds like "a whole lotta crap." Good call. Nurse Hornball comes in, bristles at the sight of Yves, and then announces that CN has a visitor. It's his son. CN has no son. The non-son leaves, dejected.

The Urinator is sharpening a blade when he hears simulated growling. It's Langly wearing a bear rug. "Oh, gall bladder, you know you want it." Hee. They're trying to trap the poacher. Langly gets his pant leg snared in a bear trap. Good thing that wasn't his actual leg, or foot, but just a bit of cloth. He takes off his pants and skedaddles. Frohike creeps inside the cabin, looking for the letter from the gall-bladder seekers. The xylophone goes crazy. As the Urinator finds Langly's pants, he sniffs them (ew!) and goes tracking the scent. He and Langly play ring-around-the-stump, and Langly hides as well as he can while picking a letter from the pocket of a man carrying a rifle. Inside, Frohike gets snared and turned upside down, just as the Urinator heads back in. Frohike manages to grab some nearby antlers, and hides close to the ceiling. The Urinator feels his back pocket, notices that the letter is missing, and goes outside to look for it. Frohike crashes to the ground. Perfect timing, in a wacky way.

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Lone Gunmen




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