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Grin and Bear It. (Sorry.)

Hospital. CN is being wheeled off to surgery. Jimmy yells at him to reconsider. CN is wheeled out. Jimmy looks sad, and then employs his crutches. Out in the hall, Jimmy calls the DWMOMNBE the "doctor of death," and generally causes a big scene, only to be deflated when Yves comes up, shaking her head, empty-handed. Jimmy falls down again, busting his cast, and the CED says he's free for some surgery. Ruh roh.

The LGs sneak into a warehouse in Vancouver, BC, and by "sneak," I mean "walk right on in." That's the address on the letter they pinched. You know. Warehouse Road, Number One, Vancouver. The phone number begins with 555. You know. They position themselves to catch it all on film.

Jimmy's getting wheeled into surgery. Yves says she has to split. Nurse Hornball says, "If he were my boyfriend, I wouldn't leave." Yves is all, "He's not my..." and makes a territorial face.

In the OR, CN is right next to Jimmy. I am so positive they don't have shared ORs. Jimmy says CN is "a complete jerk," but "scared of being alone," even though he disses his son. CN is like, My son is a stockbroker! "He's what's wrong with this country!" Hmm, could that be true? Ha ha, just kidding, I'm a capitalist, baby. Jimmy is all, do you want to die alone or what? CN looks at him like that never occurred to him.

Yves pushes the elevator button, then overhears the TV talking about the death doctor using a common anesthetic to kill his patients. I guess she'll save Jimmy just in time. Goody.

Warehouse. The Asian gall bladder dudes roll in. The LGs are nicely hidden, but of course Byers has to break away to get the perfect shot. Of course, he gets caught by an Asian dude with a gun. The Urinator speaks his first line: "Who the hell are you?" Byers tries to lie, saying that the police are outside, and wham, the police are outside. Freeze! Drop your weapons! Um, okay. Byers grins.

Jimmy is on the table, nicely anesthethized. The CED is like, "Sucker," and Jimmy's vision blurs, then fades to black.

Jimmy wakes up. He remembers what happened, and re-enacts the last scene from The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy wakes up and is like, "But it wasn't a dream, it was a place! And you, and you, and you were there! And I remember some of it wasn't very nice, but most of it was beautiful." That was my yearbook quote in high school. Aren't I a dork? Jimmy says that Yves was the one that met up with the poacher, because she always has a scam. Langly says, "What is it with [her]? Why won't [she] share!" Hee. Then Yves is all, you were right about the doctor of death, he's facing charges in two states now. I bet Yves stole his reward for that too. Then we see that CN has reunited with his son. And it feels so good. Ah, corn.

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