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Like Water for Octane

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Like Water for Octane

Frohike and Byers decide to pay a little visit to Stan Meiser's daughter, Shelly. Frohike admits that he paid her a rather unsuccessful visit during the '80s, which culminated in her calling the police, and his screaming "Attica!" as they dragged him away to the pokey. "She probably won't remember," he says, hesitantly. Byers gives him a long-suffering look.

Byers and Frohike ring Shelly Meiser's bell. Frohike nervously comments that he feels like the neighborhood is too quiet. He glances around nervously. In the second use of slow-motion in fifteen minutes, the postman strides up the walk, and opens his bag very dramatically, as though he's about to pull out a firearm. At exactly this moment, Shelly Meiser opens her front door. Frohike shoves Byers inside, scrambles in himself, and slams the door behind them. Shelly squeals mildly; I would be screaming bloody murder. "We're on to you, you son of a bitch!" Frohike yells through the closed door. A pile of mail drops through the slot. Byers calmly apologizes to Shelly, who recognizes Frohike after a moment, and angrily goes to call the cops. Frohike begs Shelly to look at the document. She glares at him while she holds the phone. "I'd like to report a breaking and entering," she says. "Yeah, I'll hold." While Shelly is on hold, Frohike makes his case, trying to sway Shelly by telling her that her father's work will finally see the light of day, if only she'll help them out. Shelly reluctantly takes the paper.

Back at the Lone GunPound, Langly is frustrated. He can't find any record of the pallet anywhere, despite having cracked into every government database he can think of. Jimmy wonders whether Langly tried the internet. Langly rolls his eyes and irritably comments that he did, in fact, try the internet. Jimmy muses that it was really awfully lucky that they accidentally got that very interesting piece of paper. Langly realizes that there is no FOI office stamp on the paper. "Jimmy, it's a plant!" he yelps.

FOI. Yves smooches Snotty Weary, and sinks her way out the door. Here's my question: does Yves only have one black leather catsuit that she wears everyday, or is she like the Einstein of sexpots, with seven identical black catsuits hanging in her closet, one for every day of the week? ["I don't know about Yves, but that's my story." -- Wing Chun] After she leaves, BAS goes in. Snotty Weary is time-date stamping with a blissed-out expression and lipstick marks all over his face. BAS is all, what did she want? Snotty Weary is all, what's it to you? BAS is all, I know that she was looking for a car, and you're going tell me all you know about it. Weary is all, I don't have to tell you anything

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