Lone Gunmen
Like Water for Octane

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Like Water for Octane

Later that night, Farmer Guthrie and BAS meet covertly in the barn. Guthrie looks all guilty. BAS reassures him that he's doing the right thing, and reminds him that he's saving his farm.

Early the next morning, the Gunmen, Jimmy Bond, and Yves run out to the van and zoom to the Air Force Base -- the very silo the car is allegedly hidden in is so conveniently slated to be demolished that very day.

Biznot Air Force Base. There's some kind of Silo-Blowing-Up Parade in progress. There's a big crowd, come all that way to see some bombs explode some stuff. The Gunmen -- against all logical odds -- manage to sneak into the silo. Yves and Jimmy Bond keep watch in the stands. Yves is yet again in her leather ensemble. That's appropriate for an old-fashioned silo-blowing, don't you think? Does this girl not own a t-shirt?

The Gunmen go all MI:2 inside the silo. They're communicating with Yves via some kind of, you know, fancy yet small spy communication thingamabob. She hisses into her collar that they ought to hurry the hell up. They explain that the silo is very complicated and maze-like. Despite that, they find the correct area of the silo after about one second.

Outside in the stands, Yves and Jimmy realize that the silo is just about ready to blow. Yves notices BAS driving off in a huge tow truck, with something all mysteriously shrouded loaded on the back. She tells the Gunmen to get the hell out of the silo. But she's breaking up. It's like she's going through the canyon here in Los Angeles. They can't hear her! Get out! You're breaking up! The car is gone! Huh? The Air Force bigwigs begin the old countdown. Down in the silo, the Gunmen find a big old bunch of nothing. Yves and Jimmy Bond exchange anguished looks. Yves tells them to run for it, as everything blows sky-high. Jimmy looks like his dog just died.

The commercial advertise seven consecutive weeks of all new episodes of The X-Files. My fingers bleed.

Night. Air Force Base. Jimmy, in a wife-beater, weepily attacks a pile of rubble with a pickaxe. Yves perches on the hood of a car and watches. She doesn't look unsympathetic, but calls to him that he's totally wasting his time. Jimmy doesn't care. He's devoted to the pickaxing. As he impotently bangs on the rubble, the Lone Gunmen emerge from the fog, like some kind of fog-emerging supermen. Yves allows a small smile to emerge between her massively distorted lips. Jimmy is stunned and utterly thrilled. He embraces Byers, Langly, and Frohike. Aw, what a cutie-pie. Yves wonders how they escaped the giant and all-encompassing bomb blast. Langly explains that they got out through a ventilation shaft, which eventually surfaced about half a mile away. Under a porta-potty. "Guys, this is wonderful," Jimmy emotes. "Yeah, whoop de doo," Frohike says dryly. "Where's the car?" Yves has no idea.

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Lone Gunmen




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