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Madam, I'm Adam

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Madam, I'm Adam

Somewhere else, a man in a white lab coat says he's registering "a disturbance at the source" and that "they're off-line." A lady doctor says, "Send someone out there." And the "test subjects"? The people over there, floating in vats of blue goo, breathing through snorkels? "Put them in sleep mode -- for now." The doctor lady then peers at them intently, a butterfly bandage on her forehead. Bum bum…oh, you know.

The gun-dudes, Jimmy, and Adam wake up in jail. After some mild homophobic hilarity involving Frohike and Jimmy cuddling together, they get down to discussing why someone would want Adam to think he has a happy suburban aqua-and-white home-and-wife life. Langly keeps hammering at Adam, saying that Adam could be someone else and not even know it. Adam finally snaps, and screams that he's going to put his thumbs in Langly's eyes and "ride [him] like a pogo stick!" The music gets all fast and pounding and then Adam comes out of it. He's so sorry. Did he just say that? Wow. Then he hollers for the guard to bring their "morning slop." Frohike murmurs, "Someone else entirely." Then the music gets al mischievous (again) and Yves walks in. She's bailing them out. Whuh? I don't see this.

Back in the Lone Gunpad, the TV blares in the background as they show Yves the MRI of Adam's brain. Yves calls the electrodes tools used in "behavior modification." Frohike wants to know who Adam was before he was modified. Then a nice, low-cost commercial for an electronics store comes on, featuring one Maniac Marvin. He's so nuts, he charges you less for shoddy TVs. You know, from brand-name makers like Pansonic and Suny? Adam sits up at the sight of Marvin, and then? Goes off on Langly. Byers makes the connection.

Down at Maniac Marvin's place of business, the gun-dudes and Adam exit the van. Adam says he has no idea why the sight of Marvin would make him get all crazy violent, and Byers says that's what they want to find out. So, Adam stays out on the street with Langly, and Jimmy and Byers go inside.

Bzzt! The buzzer at the Gunpad bleats. It's a lady. The doctor lady. She's looking for Adam. Is he there? She says she's his wife. Yves and Frohike exchange expert WTF looks.

TV shop. Jimmy loves Maniac Marvin's eye patch and suggests he don a pirate suit to go with it. Marvin says he wears a glass eye for the commercials. I'm sure that's relevant to the plot, at least marginally. You know what Chekov said: if there's a glass eye in the first act, it had better go off in the third. Anyway, after some fast sales patter, Marvin looks at a photo of Adam and says he doesn't know him.

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