Lone Gunmen
Planet Of The Frohikes: A Short History Of My Demeaning Captivity

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Planet Of The Frohikes: A Short History Of My Demeaning Captivity

Night. A deserted road. Yves and Frohike are waiting by the van, ready to make the switcheroo. Dr. Asslips strides toward them, asking, "Where's my chimp?" The three gun-dudes wait behind him. Then, Dr. Asslips wipes off the fake white stripe Bobo's sporting, and cuffs Frohike and Yves. Then, Jimmy says he can tell them where Peanuts is: in the National Zoo. Byers figured it out, and he's blurting it out.

At the zoo, they make the chimp switch, trading Bobo for Peanuts, and the lab guys leave the gun-dudes to their devices, returning their laptops and stuff. When the paramilitary grunts and Asslips split, Frohike and Langly yell at Jimmy for "selling Peanuts up the river." Jimmy walks menacingly towards Langly, takes a laptop from him with intention, and puts it in front of the chimps. Edward Woodward's voice comes out and we learn that Peanuts concocted this whole ruse to be with Lady Bonkers. The merry reggae starts up as Peanuts types, "The whole world is a cage, when you're trapped in it alone." Ay-yi-yi. Sweet monkey love.

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Lone Gunmen




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