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The Lying Game

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The Lying Game

The blip says that they're in a marina in Wilmington, Delaware. Frohike and Langly are in the Lone Gunvan with Carol, still trying to impress her by explaining how the video-camera glasses work, and how they found the geek's secret bunker. Why don't you compliment her outfit? That always works on me. Anyway, the geek had an alias, "Jack Johnson," and he paid the rent in cash. But why? Could it be all the blackmail?

The Gundudes plus Carol stride into the geek's apartment. Not much to see, though, since the hard drive had been reformatted. "Another dead end," murmurs Carol. But what's that in the air vent? A flashing light? First they tell Jimmy to shut up, but then they investigate and see it's a teeny backup C.P.U., storing all of the geek's computer info. They find a "dirty laundry list" of compressed video files, taken from the camera glasses. They finally see that the geek was blackmailing people. Carol says she's "never known anyone nosier," but that she's shocked her brother would try to profit from that. They pull up the file from the day of the geek's murder and see Skinner's face. Bamp! But, um, we knew that.

Lone Gunpad. The headline says, "FBI Director implicated in murder." Byers inspects it, and then rips it up. Langly and Frohike say that they should run with the story. Carol thinks that they should go to the cops. Um, the FBI is cops. Byers gets all mad and stomps off. Wow, he's conflicted! Frohike follows, and we finally get to see a bit of the Gundude's home. Again, great set decoration. There's a teeny kitchen, a chess set, and then, Byers's bedroom, neat as a pin, with green paneling and some small, framed photographs. Byers is compulsively changing his suit jacket. Frohike straightens his collar and sits down on the crisply made bed. He summarizes: Skinner has secrets, and so must Byers, since his college roommate turns out to be a "high-tech, blackmailing scumbucket." Does he not want to run the story because of Carol? Byers says that the geek could be "Hitler Jr." and he'd run the story, but only if he knew it to be true. "We may look like the National Enquirer, but we're going to operate like The New York Times or else I don't want to be here." Dude, Byers's panties are in a wad. Frohike, could you adjust them? Jeez. ["Byers is right, though. Integrity and accuracy are important, even for the non-mainstream press. Otherwise, you're Matt Drudge." -- Wing Chun] The buzzer sounds. It's Yves. She compliments Carol on her handshake and tells the guys to learn from it. Mm-hmm. And, Yves did some investigating of her own and recognizes the silver-haired CEM and the Russian dudes, who were in the nightclub the night of the moider. The Russkie has "half the Russian police force on his payroll," and she thinks Skinner may be working for him too. Byers is doubtful. Jimmy is like, "The guy walks in, they both disappear -- they must be working together." Then they all chew on that. Yves says the CEM is the key. Duh! He's clearly evil!

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