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The Lying Game

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The Lying Game

After some completely annoying stand-up from Jimmy explaining the last scene, we see him and Yves rolling up to the Gunpad with the de-impounded van, wishing they knew where the LGs were. Inside the van, we see Langly's lips moving. The video-glasses!

Back in the surveillance-pad, Langly is over-enunciating into his glasses. "We are in custody! FBI safe house! Delaware! Fremin has Carol!" Jeff is like, those are my glasses! Langly has a Ramones shirt on. Sigh. Did you know Joey Ramone liked Yoo-Hoo? Well, he did. Skinner comes in and says that Carol is fine, but Fremin is "holding her as collateral." But they're going to get her. In the good way. He leaves and the geek is like, "Carol called you for help? What was he thinking?" Byers yells, "It's because of you that he's in this mess!" Um, pronoun choice? Then the geek says that Carol was Carl when Byers knew him in college. Carol is a man, baby. Sorry, I had to do it. Jimmy comes back with the stand-up, and my toes curl. He explains that no "Carol" was born on the date on Carol's driver's license, and the Russkie is getting suspicious. Bamp.

Lone Gunpad. Yves and Jimmy are alone. Jimmy shuffles over and tearily says, "They're dead, aren't they?" What a big baby. He suggests they "nail" Skinner and "get the proof" since "that's what my friends would have wanted." Boo hoo hoo.

FBI safe house. Byers asks the guard to give Skinner a message: could he tell Skinner that Carol is smuggling hot dogs? He should know what that means. Langly is like, "You misled us, dude." They're really just pissed because they had the hots for a woman who used to be a man. But apparently the geek told everyone about Carl-cum-Carol "before he was ready." So, Byers isn't sorry he didn't tell them: "Everyone deserves his [sic] privacy!" So there! Frohike says he thinks he could bust them out of there if "Big Brother weren't watching." The geek says he'll create a diversion.

We're back where it all started, at the cheesy nightclub. Skinner has a check for $100 million. He hands it to the CEM and says he can's wear a wire, but that the signal, if he gets into trouble, is "Rum and Coke."

Yves is watching the CEM enter the nightclub. Next to her is...Skinner? No, it's Jimmy in a Skinner skin-suit. Wow, Mitch Pileggi really has Jimmy's characteristics down. It's funny as hell. Yves hands him the dental voice scrambler thing and Jimmy/Skinner says, "I am Walter-freakin-Skinner and I am going down, baby!" Hee.

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