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Power play

We're at "Eric's Expert Service," and apparently Eric believes providing "expert service" means "self-serve," which is what one guy's doing, pumping gas into a red convertible, and his buddy (or perhaps life partner) is coming out of the store with bags of chips and whatnot. Sawyer furtively approaches, asking them if they want to buy some necklaces. He shows them the necklaces, draped across jeweller's velvet. One dude asks where Sawyer got them. "Where do you think?" snaps Sawyer, but I guess politeness isn't really a necessity in his line of work. Sawyer asks if they want to buy them or not, but they're unsure, so Sawyer says to forget it and starts walking away.

Then Cassidy strolls up, asking how much. Oh, I see. So if this were the video for "Say, Say, Say," Cassidy would be Michael Jackson and Sawyer would be Paul McCartney. Sawyer says they're a hundred bucks each, so Cassidy looks them over and buys two. Again Sawyer starts to leave, but he's called back by the dudes, who then ad-lib the following: "It's Gina's birthday next week." "They love their jewelry." Crazy bitches loves they bling-bling! Nice work on the improv, guys. ["Nice work totally noticing Cassidy had the right amount of money already out and ready to hand him. Not. Talk about plays a five-year-old could spot; she didn't even look down." -- Sars] Sawyer and Cassidy smile at each other. I can't say for sure, not being a con artist, but I don't think it's a bright idea to share private smiles with your accomplice while the con is still going on.

Back on Craphole Island, Jack's taking Sun's pulse, which he tells Jin is strong. They need to watch her, but she's going to be okay. Jack leaves, and Jin takes Sun's hand, likely thinking that her neck is a little too uncovered for his liking.

Jack's getting water, and Kate's already there waiting to annoy him, by which I mean "talk to him." She asks Jack if he thinks Sun fell or that someone hit her, but Jack doesn't know. So then Kate asks how well he knows Ana-Lucia. He looks at her, but doesn't answer. "It's just…the Others. I was out there with you. I heard that man say that if we stayed away they'd leave us alone. And we've left them alone. So why would they attack us a few days later?" I'm really not enjoying the fact that the suspicion necessary to the plot of this episode requires everyone to accept as read that the Others are trustworthy. Jack asks the same question Kate did: "Well, if it wasn't them, then who was it?" Kate just looks at him: "Like I said, how well do you know Ana-Lucia?" Jack can't even be bothered to answer; he just stomps off.

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