The Longest Day

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And I'm Drowning Slowly
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Previously on Revolution: The rebel gang kidnapped Danny Concannon and then set him free. Rachel asked Meredith Grey's mom for her help destroying the nanites -- whatever the fuck those are -- and Neville popped up like the bad penny he is. And then Rachel broke her leg and Nora threw her knickers at Miles. Separately.

Ah, another glorious morning in the flea-infested, scurvy-ridden Monroe Republic! In an Airstream, a militia soldier finds one of his colleagues presiding over a bunch of blinking screens. It's all very Matthew Broderick in WarGames. And like so many other things on this show, nothing will come of it.

In Kentucky, Miles and Nora are in bed together and her hair is fantastic. Seriously, it must be the nanites that make everyone's long, flowing Victoria's Secret-model locks look so glorious in the absence of things like curling irons and deep conditioner. Nora gets out of bed and puts on her clothes, and when Miles wakes up and grumbles (as Miles grumbles about absolutely everything), she tells him that the sex they just had was a mistake. He disagrees, because he likes having someone around to bang, and asks her what her problem is. She's convinced one or both of them is going to die soon, which seems like a good reason to have as much sex as you can, doesn't it? See, Miles is on my side.

The Neville men act out the latest iteration of their Father Knows Best traveling road show. Not surprisingly, Tom is still pissed about how Jason and the others left him to die last week. He picks up a handgun, racks a round into the chamber, and tells Jason to finish the job already, forcing his son to hold the gun against his chest. Charlie watches all this without moving an eyelid, because she's thinking about how she misses staring vacantly at her Star Wars lunchbox. Neville grits that he's not going anywhere and JD Pardo cries and wets himself again.

Jason stomps off to be moody about how majorly uncool his dad is, and Charlie chases after him like a puppy who ran face-first into about thirteen Botox needles. He rants about his dad for a while, and she's all, yeah, my mom is a selfish bitch, too, but she went rambling off to Colorado with my old math teacher, so let's pretend we don't need anyone together!

The untamed American West. Aaron is still freaking out about why that clipping of him was in Jane's notebook. Rachel's all, pardon me while I'm distracted by the COMPOUND FRACTURE IN MY SHIN. She thinks Ben knew something about Aaron and had reasons for keeping him with the Matheson family and giving him the pendant before he died.

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