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Fade up on Triple L. Riley and Fineman are arguing, seemingly about the Cubs fan who interfered with a play and screwed up the game or whatever. I have to admit, I remember the story being in the news, but I probably would remember a lot more details if this episode had aired a month ago, like it was supposed to. Fineman seems to be condemning the guy, while Riley is a bit more sympathetic. Ariel shows up and is confused as to why the guy brought a baseball mitt to a game in the first place. It must be after hours, because Riley is carrying beer and Fineman has pizza. Riley also hands Ariel a soda, which may be a nod to her alcoholism, although that hasn't really been mentioned since the first episode when she fell off the wagon and landed in Fineman's lap. Riley lists all the reasons that the Cubs lost the game that weren't caused by the fan.

Jack joins the group and says that this is killing him. Fineman says that the Cubs fan should be prosecuted as an accessory to murder, because he's killing them all. Riley rips on them, and Jack calls him "Yankee fan" as a pejorative, and now that the season is over, this whole storyline seems pretty lame. Ariel points out that it's just a game, and Jack says that she's just baiting them. Jack answers his cell phone while Riley starts dealing out poker hands to everyone. Fineman says he heard that the ball the guy caught is worth a lot of money. Ariel says that the guy has to survive the death threats first. Fineman says he'd like to kill the guy himself. Jack hangs up his phone and says that Fineman may get his wish, because Triple L is going to represent the guy. Oh, so they're talking about a fictionalized version of the fan, not the actual fan. And he's suing the fictional magazine that named him. Riley asks if he and Fineman can take the case, and Jack says that they can. Everyone pounds fists except for Ariel, because she's a girl, and thus doesn't understand baseball or the ways of men and their fist-pounding.

Jack hops out of his car in front of the courthouse. Reporters gathered there yell out questions, which Jack ignores at first. Finally, he stops and makes a statement to the effect that his client has served the FBI for eleven years, and has never aided a foreign nation or compromised state secrets. A reporter asks Jack about the ISI, and Jack says that his client has no ties to Pakistani intelligence, that the grand jury was misled, and that the charges against his client are "ludicrous." The reporters clamor some more, but Jack turns and hurries into the courthouse.

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