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In Riley's office, some workers stack boxes while Riley works at his desk. Riley looks over and spots one box that is labeled "Zero Ltd Technologies, Barrington, Turner, Mason, Lister." He walks over and removes the lid.

Brit walks into a bar alone. She looks around, and then finds Detective Traub. (I know everyone else apparently knows the actor who plays Traub from Star Trek or something like that, but I just realized that he was the gym teacher on The Wonder Years.) Brit greets Traub and thanks him for meeting her on such short notice. Traub says that the pleasure is all his. Brit orders a drink. Traub takes her coat and says that it's nice to have someone from Triple L calling him, for once. Brit says that he can ask her anything, because she's been with the firm for twenty-six years. Traub says that he knows all about her. Brit slips him a piece of paper. Traub asks what it is, and Brit says it's a page from Barrington's journal. Traub asks where she got it, and Brit smoothly lies that it was left on her desk anonymously, and Traub was the first person she called. She tells him to look at the second line. Traub reads, "J.T. payoff for W.P.L." and asks what "W.P.L." stands for. Brit replies, "You're the dick." Heh. Brit says she's been considering possibilities for the "J.T." Traub asks if she's implying that Jack Turner had something to do with Barrington's death. Brit doesn't answer.

Jewel shows up at Jack's office in casual clothes and says she doesn't want to talk about Vince anymore. She wants to talk about her garlic press. Jack says it's his garlic press. Jewel says she wants it back, and Jack banters that they could talk about visitation. Jewel says that they caught Sandra in Barcelona, and that concludes Jewel's moment in the spotlight. Jack asks if she's okay with it, and Jewel says she is. Jack says Jewel made him suffer in court today, and they banter about sweat and oratory as Jack pours Jewel a drink and moves closer. Jewel puts her face right up to Jack's, and then pulls back and whispers, "Is this a good idea?" Jack says it's not, and kisses her anyway. I have to say, Rob Lowe looks like a terrible kisser. His lips are completely stiff. No wonder Jewel allegedly didn't want to kiss him.

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