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Later that night, Fineman hits the vending machine. He's startled to see Charlie standing behind him. Charlie is not looking so hot. He's pasty and greasy and looks pretty strung out. Fineman asks where he's been. Charlie says he "hit a little bump in the road," but won't give details. He hands Fineman a package and asks him to deliver it to Brit. Fineman doesn't want to get involved. Charlie insists. Fineman asks what's going on, but Charlie is already out the door. That was creepy.

Jack meets with Vince at the jail. As soon as the guard is gone, Vince says that he didn't copy any documents, and that he wonders where they are getting this crap. Jack says he's trying to get clearance to read Vince's file, since he can't dispute the charges without it. Vince says that the FBI will just stamp everything "Top Secret" and send him down the river, the "sacrificial lamb" for classified documents ending up in the wrong hands. Vince says that if the prosecutor is ambitious, he could get a life sentence or worse. Jack says she has "some career goals." Vince suggests that she should recuse herself due to her past relationship with Jack. Exactly! Jack insists that the relationship is over, and asks Vince about his love life. Vince says that he had a girlfriend, but that they broke up a couple of months ago. Her name is Sandra, and she manages an art gallery, but Vince doesn't think she has anything to do with this. Jack says he doesn't have much else to go on.

Riley shows up at the clinic. Kathy thinks that the baseball fan is going to fry, and spins a tale about her dying grandfather who just wanted to see the Cubs -- I mean, "his club" -- win the World Series once. Another last-minute script change there. Riley notices tons of boxes stacked outside his office. He opens his door, and sees that his entire office is filled with boxes. Kathy says that they are firm files on the way to the warehouse that somehow ended up in his office. Riley wants her to call someone to help, but Kathy isn't that into the idea.

Jack goes to the art gallery and meets Sandra. She asks what he thinks of a sculpture, and Jack says, "It's exquisite form...for a bong." Heh. Jack explains that he represents Vince and wants to ask some questions about their relationship. Sandra says it wasn't serious. Jack asks why she broke it off. Sandra says that Vince was inconsistent, took a lot of random trips, and was always changing his phone number. Jack says that he was an FBI agent. Sandra says that she once saw him packing files into a suitcase before a trip, and that he brought the suitcase back empty, which made her realize that Vince was a spy. That's a little circumstantial, isn't it? Jack asks if she told anyone this. Sandra says that they started following him everywhere. Jack asks whom she told, and whether they granted her immunity. Sandra walks off without answering questions.

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