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The next day, Riley and Fineman talk to Kelly at Triple L. Kelly reluctantly confirms that he did place a bet against his own team, but asks if they really think he would have the foresight to know where to sit so that he could interfere with the game and win a bet. Fineman says he thinks Kelly has "inconsistencies with his character." Kelly asks what this has to do with his lawsuit. Riley and Fineman explain that they are trying to paint Kelly as the victim, but that the magazine will try to paint Kelly as someone trying to make a quick buck. Riley adds that it looks like Kelly is all about the money. Kelly thinks it over, and explains that his bet was "misery insurance," so that if his team lost, the money he won would offset his pain and suffering. Riley thinks that's insane. Fineman says that Riley doesn't know misery, being a Yankee fan. Fineman says that the ball is now worth $100,000, and asks where it is. Kelly says it's in a safe place, and that he would give up a million dollars to be able to go back to his normal life instead of being "Kelly Robins, the living curse." Kelly storms out. Ariel walks in and asks Riley for a minute of his time. He asks her to walk him back to the clinic, while Fineman stands there and looks contemplative.

Ariel asks Riley about the summer associates program. Riley ran it in 1990. He asks if Ariel is thinking about running it, and adds that things get crazy. Ariel says she's heard stories, and nonchalantly asks if 1990 was the year the guy died. Riley says that Sean Waters liked to party too much, and that while he technically drowned, it was more about the "booze and coke" in his system. Riley says that Jack was devastated, because he was kind of Sean's mentor. Ariel throws out Willow Peterson's name, and this makes Riley stop walking. He asks if Ariel knows her, and Ariel says no, but that Grant has mentioned her. Riley asks if Ariel and Grant are an item, and Ariel denies it. Riley says that Grant dated Willow for a year, and then Jack started dating her, which didn't go over well. Ariel looks like that isn't the information she was hoping to hear.

Jewel walks into Jack's office with some of Vince's files. Jack looks through them, but they're mostly blacked out and marked "classified." Jewel says that's all Jack gets unless the court orders otherwise, and that she's also filed a motion to have pre-trial hearings kept closed. Jack asks why she came to his office. Jewel asks whether Jack really thinks his client is innocent. Jack points out that Vince has "sterling credentials" and has "passed four polygraphs." Jewel says that Jack doesn't understand the circumstances. Jack says that Vince loves his country, but that he loved the wrong woman, which is hardly treason. He adds that the way that Jewel conducts this trial is as important as the outcome. Jewel denies that this is about her running for office, but Jack thinks it is. Jewel spits, "Jack, worry about you turning into your father, not me." Jack says that thought has occurred to him, and Jewel advises him to save it for therapy. She starts to stomp out. Jack tells her to wait but Jewel says she has a dinner. Jack asks, "Working your way down the roster to the next senator's son?" Ooh, that Jack is such a bitch.

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