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Jack meets with Leonard Weaver in his office. Hey, Weaver is played by James "Jim Walsh" Eckhouse. Man, has he lost his hair. Or maybe he wore a hairpiece on 90210. Weaver still works for the FBI, and sharply asks what Jack wants. Jack brings up Sandra and the restraining order. Weaver says it was a long time ago. Jack asks whether Weaver was still married at the time. Weaver confirms that, and says that Sandra had the wrong idea. Jack asks why Weaver broke it off. Weaver hesitates. Jack says that they can do this in court. Weaver says that he went to Sandra's house during the day; he had an unclassified map with him, and Sandra made a copy of it. The information wasn't important, but the fact that Sandra was interested in his work was "a wake-up call." Jack asks whether Weaver ever told anyone. Weaver says he didn't tell anyone, including his wife. Jack says that Weaver's testimony would show that Sandra has a pattern, and that she's the one that should be under arrest. Weaver says that the FBI would never let him on the stand because it would destroy their case. Jack says that Vince could get the death penalty. Weaver says he's only ten months from retirement. Jack says that Vince's death will be Weaver's fault. Weaver asks, "Do you know what I'm going to do if I'm subpoenaed?" Go to Disneyland? Weaver takes out a gun and lays it on the table, and then says that he'll blow his brains out before testifying, because he would rather do that than embarrass the FBI and humiliate his wife. Weaver concludes, "Then who's responsible?" Jack nervously looks at the gun. Seriously. Security?

Jack finds Jewel in the hallway outside her office. He tells her that he found Leonard Weaver, and Jewel has no idea who he's talking about. Inside Jewel's office, Jack explains what happened with Weaver and how it relates to Vince's case. Jewel says that Weaver's name wasn't in the file, and Jack says that the FBI is trying to pretend that Weaver's problems never existed, since it would invalidate their case against Vince. Jewel says that she doesn't have a choice. Jack patronizingly says that he knows Jewel is getting a lot of pressure, and that she's not the one who picked Vince to take the fall. Jewel says that her department won't throw out the case. Jack suggests that catching Sandra would be a huge coup, and that Weaver is the proof. Jewel tells Jack to subpoena Weaver, and Jack says that's not an option. Jewel reminds Jack that Sandra can't be prosecuted, since she made a deal. Jack says that her deal would be invalid if she tries to flee the country. Jewel says that Sandra has no reason to do that, and Jack says that in ten minutes, he can give her a reason. Oh, that's ethical. Jack is very "ends justify the means," isn't he? Jewel doesn't think it'll work, and Jack asks her to trust him.

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