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Jack walks out of his apartment building. It's night, and it's raining. Jack is wearing a tuxedo. Ooh, fancy! Detective Traub calls out to Jack, and Jack asks if Traub if following him now. Traub says, "Yeah, like I've got nothing better to do than follow the rich and famous. We have a meeting on the books." Is Jack famous? I'm sure he's rich. Or was that just a reference to his tuxedo? Anyway, Jack says he forgot about their meeting, and now he has to go to an event. Traub looks at Jack like, "Dude. Those excuses are so lame," so Jack offers to let Traub ride in his limo with him so that they can talk. Traub looks like he's never seen a limo before, because you know, he's in law enforcement and in addition to being poor, detectives are also hicks who take public transportation.

Inside the limo, Traub says that his bosses are pressuring him to shut down the Barrington investigation. Jack asks if it's due to "pressure from above," and Traub says that it's actually over budgetary concerns, and the lack of a suspect. Traub adds that he can't find anyone who credibly had the means, the opportunity, and the motive. Jack suggests that Traub "try standing on the senior partners' floor and swinging a dead cat." Traub says that they've checked out all employees and their families and everyone has an alibi, except for Jack. Jack flatly says that he was running, as he does every morning at 6:00 AM. You'd think a lawyer would know that his word isn't really good enough to eliminate him from consideration, and that he would offer up some sort of corroborating evidence. Traub says that Jack already said so. Jack asks if he's their best suspect, and Traub says that Jack is their only suspect, but that it helps Jack's case that Riley vouched for his alibi. Traub says that time is running out on his investigation, and then he stares at Jack for about ten minutes. Jack blurts that Barrington kept a journal, but that it's gone missing from his office. Traub asks if Jack could get hold of the building's security logs from the night before Barrington died. Jack thinks Traub should get a warrant, but Traub says he doesn't have probable cause. Jack doesn't think he can help. Traub says that if he doesn't catch a break on this case soon, Barrington's death will be officially ruled a suicide. Jack reluctantly promises that he'll see what he can do.

A lovely women in an evening dress stands alone in the middle of some sort of gala and looks around the room. Jack runs up and calls her Isabelle, and then apologizes and kisses her on the cheek. He tells her that the whole thing should be quick, since it will be just a speech, and dinner, and then dessert back at his place. So I assume she didn't really want to attend this in the first place? And who in the hell is she? Are they dating, as the "back to my place" part would suggest? And it also seems kind of presumptuous for Jack to assume that she even wants any of his dessert. Isabelle smiles and says that it won't be like last time.

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