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Grant hangs out in the hospital. Reggie is nearby, hooked up to a ventilator. A nurse says that he suffered a massive hemorrhage, and that there is no brain activity, so the surgeons are scrubbing up to remove his organs for donation, but they need to get permission from Social Services. Grant slowly stands up and walks out of the room without a word.

Riley walks into the clinic. He spots an unfamiliar woman standing there looking at files, so he spies on her, trying to figure out her deal. He asks Kathy what's up. Kathy says that Jack sent her. Riley thinks Jack sent a high-school student to help him. Kathy says she's a first-year associate at Triple L, and admonishes Riley to be nice. Riley walks into the office and asks her name. It's Molly Packard, the woman from the elevator. Riley asks why she went to law school. Molly asks if that's a trick question. Riley accuses her of just wanting to make a lot of money, and only working at the clinic to rack up pro bono hours. Molly says that she's not in it for the money, and that her father is worth $460 million. Riley is struck dumb by that one. Molly walks away. Riley recovers and calls after her that she probably went to Harvard. Molly calls back, "Washington State, actually." Kathy and Riley exchange a look.

Jack meets with Amanda and Mr. Beacon in a conference room. Amanda asks if Jack is okay. He says he's not. She apologizes for what Brad is putting him through, and for not letting Jack resign when he wanted to. Jack says that she couldn't have let him resign, because she still needed him then. Amanda plays dumb, so Jack says that he's had his quota of lies for the day. Amanda still doesn't understand, and Jack tells her that what she's done is unconscionable. Amanda's still not getting it. Jack accuses her of using him and his friendship with Brad: "You're the one who turned him in. You're the one that blew the whistle. And now Brad's going to rot in jail." Amanda, near tears, says that she thought it was her brothers. Jack informs her that Brad was trying to protect her, and told Jack about Amanda's Cayman Island account. Pa Beacon says that Brad is lying. Jack suggests that they let the Justice Department figure out who's lying. Jack reaches for the phone, but Pa Beacon grabs his hand and stops him. Pa Beacon is remarkably spry for someone supposedly in ill health. Amanda looks at her father and starts crying, realizing that he set up her husband. She calls him a son of a bitch and stomps out, adding, "Go to hell!" Jack asks Pa Beacon why he did it. Pa Beacon says that he never wanted to go public, and that it's his company and no one will tell him what to do with his own money. Jack says that it wasn't his money; it belonged to the pension fund. Pa Beacon says that the company wouldn't last if his sons took over, and that he was protecting Brad and Amanda. Jack says he was protecting himself. Pa Beacon says he's a man of his word, and Jack repeats a line he used in his speech praising Brad at the gala: "Deeds are the measure of a man, Mr. Beacon. Not words." Mr. Beacon sits back and looks constipated.

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