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Jack walks up to his apartment building. Traub is waiting outside. Jack says that he can't get the logs, and that he wishes he had a different answer. Traub says he needs something now. Jack nods and starts to walk into his building. Traub starts babbling about a golf course where he's played many times but never gotten par on one particular hole. Traub says he's going to "hang it up," and play the hole every day until he gets a par. Jack says, "So I'll talk to you tomorrow." Hee! It's like Jack wasn't even listening to what Traub was saying. Traub says yes and walks away. Jack walks into his building. As Jack walks in, a man walks into frame across the street. He's standing there watching Jack. He tosses something into a garbage can. It's Molloy! Ominous music plays as he walks out of frame.

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Lyon's Den




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