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Jack gives a speech praising Brad Manning for his work with the Youth Group of America. Everyone claps and Brad cheesily mouths, "Thank you." Oh, he's definitely due for a fall. The silent "thank you" clinched it.

Later, Jack and Isabelle sit at a table with Brad Manning and his family. Brad is telling a story about the time he and Jack were running a marathon, and Jack started singing "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head." An old dude at the table looks annoyed. I feel you, old dude. Jack makes a clumsy reference to Amanda's being Brad's wife. Amanda starts in on asking Jack when he's going to settle down. Jack tells her to fuck off and mind her knitting. Oh, sorry. That's what I would have said. Jack instead makes a reference to the fact that he knew Amanda before Brad, and in fact, introduced them, and now he wishes he had kept Amanda to himself. Old Dude says that's what he and Senator Turner planned. Um, rude much? Jack tries to smooth things over by saying that if Jack had married Amanda, Old Dude wouldn't have such "a brilliant CFO and son-in-law" running his company. So Old Dude is Amanda's dad. Old Dude says that he would have had "another deadbeat lawyer," and cracks that they already have enough of those around, pointedly looking at two other men sitting at the table. Those two other men are Amanda's brothers, and Old Dude's sons. Wow, what an asshole. One of Amanda's brothers says that he thinks they've done pretty well for the company. Amanda's dad asks if his sons think they've had anything to do with that. The other son says he's not complaining, and that he just cashes his paycheck and keeps his mouth shut. Amanda's dad says that's the problem, and quotes, "Idle hands are the devil's playground." Amanda finishes the quote with him and says they've heard it a thousand times. Amanda's dad says that his sons prove that saying on a daily basis. Awkward! I think I would suddenly have to go to the bathroom if I were sitting at that table. And then I would run out the front door and never return.

Isabelle returns to the table at that moment. Amanda says that they were just talking about her, but Jack doesn't want Amanda to bring up the whole "settling down" thing, so he excuses himself and Isabelle, saying that they're "late for their next appointment." Brad asks if that's what they're calling it. Jack walks over to kiss Amanda on the cheek, and she murmurs that Jack really should settle down. God, what's it to her? Just because her life is made miserable by her asshole father and milquetoast brothers? Suddenly, some FBI agents pop up and take Brad into custody. Amanda's dad looks shocked, but Brad doesn't look very surprised at this turn of events. Jack says he's Brad's attorney, and asks for a warrant. The agent hands one over and continues reading Brad his rights. Jack advises Brad not to talk to anyone -- not even small talk. The agents take Brad out in cuffs. Damn, what a buzzkill. Although at least Brad didn't have to sit there with his asshole father-in-law anymore.

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