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Charlie and Fineman sit at their desks. Charlie hangs up his phone and asks Fineman if he knows who that was. Why would Fineman know who that was? Fineman says he doesn't care. Charlie says that it was Arnie Bowman, the music agent, and that he wants to talk about Charlie's future as a singer. Fineman says that Charlie doesn't have a singing future. Charlie says that others don't agree. Fineman asks if Charlie means Brit Hanley. Charlie is surprised, and Fineman says that he sees things. Fineman advises Charlie that Brit "gobbles up paralegals like candy." Charlie thinks Fineman doesn't know anything, and he starts stammering. Fineman snipes, "Articulate as always, Jethro." Charlie walks off. Then they cut back to Fineman shaking his head, like, good thing they included that shot or we would never have known that Fineman disapproved.

Reggie meets with Grant and complains that he's hungry and starting to get a headache. Grant says that Browning's lawyers are going to ask Reggie a lot of questions, and tosses off some examples. Reggie says that he's not in school, and Grant says that they can add truancy to Reggie's list of negatives. Reggie says he was in school before he got shot, and they say he was smart, but now he can't figure things out like he used to. Ariel walks in, but stops when she realizes that Grant has someone in there. Grant introduces Ariel and Reggie, and then asks Ariel what she wanted to say. Ariel theatrically says that she can make the appointment that they talked about. Grant says he'd like that very much. Ariel says goodbye and leaves. Reggie asks Grant if he's "tapping that." Grant acts offended, and Reggie says he saw the way Ariel was looking at him. Grant wants to stay focused. Reggie says he's hungry and he has a bullet floating around in his head. That is such a good excuse. I would use it all of the time. "Take out the garbage? But what about the bullet floating around in my head?" Anyway, Grant takes Reggie to get some food.

Brad still insists to Jack that he's innocent of the new charges. Jack angrily yells that, from the Justice Department's standpoint, Brad already confessed to fraud, so embezzlement isn't a huge leap. Brad claims that he misfiled some papers, but that's all, and that he was trying to save the company. Jack says it doesn't sound plausible. Brad turns the tables and says that it's not plausible that Jack would take over as managing partner for a firm he claimed to hate, and deny that it had anything to do with power or control. Jack asks what his point is. Brad says that an outsider might question Jack's motives, but that Brad doesn't, because he and Jack are friends, and Brad is just asking for the same consideration from Jack. They stare at each other for a while. That one piece of hair in the back of Rob Lowe's head that just sticks out sideways distracts me. Seriously. Someone cut that thing off. Jack says that he can arrange bail in a couple of hours.

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