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Jack walks to the elevator at Triple L and hits the button. Christianson sneaks up behind him and says that he received a call from Radol today. Jack doesn't know who that is, so Christianson explains that they're a pharmaceutical company owned by Zero Tech, and that Triple L represents them. Christianson say that Riley has been making some calls, and that Jack should remind Riley about the inherent conflict of interest. Jack asks when that became a priority for Triple L. Christianson says that, as new managing partner, it's Jack's responsibility to tell Riley to back off. Jack watches Christianson walk off and considers when he became "The Man". I can tell him that it was probably sometime last week when he was discussing the company softball team with Fineman.

Riley walks into the clinic while talking to Hartzog on the phone. Riley says that Fenderson's liver started failing, so he went off Equinar and started washing down painkillers with booze. Hartzog concludes that Fenderson got addicted and ended up on the street, which might provide a basis for a malpractice case against Radol. Riley adds that it may constitute battery as well, since they gave him an unapproved drug as an analgesic. Riley walks into his office and finds Jack sitting there looking glum. He hangs up and says that he hates to see "Jack's bad-news face." Jack flatly states that Radol is a Triple L client, and that Radol makes Equinar, so Riley has to back off. Riley can't believe Jack is saying this. Jack says that Riley has to walk away. Riley paces around and then says that he could anonymously refer it to another firm. Jack says that Riley could also call the newspaper, but that he won't, because it's an ethical conflict, and Riley has ethics. Riley thinks there is a greater good. Jack calmly says that there are laws guarding the greater good. I don't really know what that's supposed to mean. Riley spits, "He has a daughter!" Jack has no response to that. Riley says, "Look at you, giving me nothing. You liking your job?" Jack apologizes. His phone rings, and it's Daphne. She tells Jack that Larry Wadcliffe is in mergers and acquisitions. Jack is stunned! But we don't know why.

Jack walks into Christianson's office. Christianson's assistant tells Jack that Christianson is in a meeting. Jack asks whether she wants to announce him, or if he should just barge right in. She picks up the phone to announce him. Jack walks into Christianson's office, and Christianson says he hopes Jack has a really good reason for interrupting the meeting. Jack tells Henneke that he's in a rush to settle because Celico is entering negotiations to merge with another company, and if "salacious details start playing out on Court TV," the company will be of lesser value. Henneke says he won't stand for reckless behavior in one of his executives. Jack says that's only true if the executive is female. Henneke doesn't know what Jack means. Jack says that if a male executive were accused, they would do everything they could to destroy the accuser. Henneke asks whether Jack has proof to back that allegation up. Jack says he doesn't, but that someone else might. He adds that he'll recommend that Rebecca take it to trial, either with Triple L or someone else representing her. Henneke tells Christianson that if this is how his firm treats longtime clients, they might need to start shopping around for another one. Jack quietly says tells Christianson that he didn't ask for this job, but that he's there now, and this is how he does things. In the D.C., bitch! Or not. Christianson tells Henneke that he's getting sound advice.

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