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Things She Said

Jack walks into his office and finds Tara Barrington waiting. She says she hopes he doesn't mind her waiting there, and Jack says that, to some people, it will always be her father's office. She promises to have her father's stuff out of there tomorrow, and then says that her father kept a journal, because he talked about writing his memoirs, but now the journal is missing. Jack asks if she looked at home. Tara says that Barrington told her he only wrote in it at work, so she's asking if Jack's seen it around. Jack says he hasn't. Tara says she thinks someone took it. Jack has no response.

Charlie plays blues guitar in his apartment. You know he's gone totally bad-ass because he has a cigarette stuck in between the tuning pegs. He calls Brit on speakerphone so he can continue to play guitar while he waits for her to answer. Brit is awakened by his phone call. Charlie says he wants to talk about that agent. Brit says it's late, and it's not a good time. Charlie says he thinks the timing is perfect. He stubs his cigarette out into an ashtray, and lying next to the ashtray on the table is Dan Barrington's journal. Charlie! You just got interesting!

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