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Things She Said

Brit hands Charlie some work, and then Charlie sits down at his desk. Fineman tells him, "You're backing the wrong horse there, Jethro." Charlie claims his conversation with Brit was work-related, and then wonders where Ariel is going to get Fineman, "except maybe to rehab." Fineman says that his relationship with Ariel is not professional, but is based on "unrequited lust" and is sure to end badly. Charlie says he's not sticking around long, because he has a plan. He adds, "Plan your work, and work your plan. That's what I always say." Fineman snorts, "Actually, I've never heard you say that, but you go ahead. Make it happen." I think Fineman is my second-favorite character, after Brit. Imagine if they teamed up!

Ariel and Jack work in Jack's office. Jack says there are several things that make him think that Rebecca is telling the truth. Those things include the secret meeting Christianson has planned, and the rush to settle. Ariel thinks the rush to settle just means that Rebecca is lying. Jack says that Rebecca doesn't want to settle. Ariel asks if this is all because Rebecca specifically requested him. Jack denies it, and then asks Ariel why she doesn't believe Rebecca. Ariel hesitates and then says that Rebecca is withholding information; she suggests that Rebecca might be playing Jack. Jack admits that he's thought of that. Then he blurts, "Her hard drive." Non sequitur, much?

Jack and Ariel meet with Rebecca again. Jack explains to her that they would like her hard drive from her work computer. Rebecca asks if the opposition asked for it, and Jack says no, so Rebecca refuses to give it up. She claims that there is "highly confidential pricing information" on there that could compromise her company. Jack points out that if the case goes to trial, it would also compromise the company. ["They would have asked for her hard drive long before this; they can't defend her properly without all the facts. Bad lawyers!" -- Wing Chun] Rebecca asks whether Jack is trying to scare her. Jack says that, as her lawyers, it's their job to present her with options, and one of those options is settlement. Rebecca asks whether one of the options is Jack figuring out a defense strategy, which might include discrediting the plaintiff instead of Rebecca. Ariel smirks knowingly and brings up the Christmas party, asking if Rebecca promised the plaintiff a promotion. Rebecca is disgusted that they even brought it up, and says that the plaintiff got a promotion and Rebecca told her that it could mean a change of title in the next year if she played her cards right. Ariel asks what Rebecca meant by that. Rebecca asks, "What do you think I meant, Ariel?" Ariel asks the question again. Rebecca whispers, "If she used that beautiful mouth of hers on me, I'd make her a senior VP." Ariel and Rebecca stare at each other. Jack says that this could come back to bite them in the ass. Rebecca says that now Jack wants to play too.

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