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Trick Or Treat

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Trick Or Treat

Jack walks through Triple L late at night. At least I assume it's night, because it's really freaking dark in there. Did they forget to pay their electric bill? Jack walks into Christianson's office and looks around his desk. He picks up some files and goes through them. He picks up one labeled "Zero Limited Tech." I love it when people label their highly sensitive information for you like that. Jack hears someone calling his name. It's a security guard, who says he thought he saw Jack on the monitor. The security guard wonders how the lawyers work such long hours, and Jack says that it's easy when you're an insomniac. Jack starts walking out. The security guard apologizes for startling him, and says that since Barrington's death, Hal Molloy has been on their backs. Jack says it's no problem. The security guard gives him a look like, "I totally know you were up to no good, and don't think I'm not telling Hal Molloy right after you leave."

Jack walks back into his own office and hangs up his coat. He finds an unsealed envelope propped up on his desk. The return address says, "Death Row." Who put it there? Jack opens it and reads the letter inside. It says: "To Jack Turner. My condolences on the death of your mentor, Daniel Barrington. We spoke often about our lives and what destiny had brought us. In fact, we spoke the night before his tragic end. An appointment I'm sure you'll find in his calender [sic]. But would you like to know what appointment Dan was likely too afraid to put in his calender [sic]? I know who was with Daniel Barrington when he died. Regards, Allen Forrester." Some of that may not be exactly right, because Jack's hand is over some of the words, but I'm sure about the last three sentences or so.

The next day, Jack talks to Detective Traub as they walk down the street. Traub clarifies that "Allen Forrester, convicted serial killer, claims someone killed Dan Barrington." Jack says that Forrester claims there was someone in the room with Barrington. Traub thinks Forrester is a nutbag. Jack wonders why he would take the time to send the letter "in a high-security building without anybody seeing him." Like he escaped from jail and dropped it off himself? Traub says he's a clever nutbag. Jack asks if Traub is hiding something. Traub sighs and admits that the investigation was closed down yesterday. He apologizes. Jack says that if he talks to Forrester, he might find a suspect. Traub doesn't think "a sociopath like Forrester" will tell them the truth. Jack isn't convinced. Traub tells Jack not to do it. Jack reminds Traub that he's off the case. Traub says that Forrester just wants something from Jack. Jack retorts that he wants something from Forrester. Traub asks to talk to his captain first, so that they can go through the proper channels and make any information gathered part of the official investigation. Which no longer exists, right? Jack says that they don't have time, because Forrester is set to be executed that night.

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