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Trick Or Treat

Forrester claims that he never touched Casey Evans like that. Jack isn't convinced. Forrester says that his executions were based on "solid legal principles." Jack chuckles and says that guys like Forrester amuse him, because they brag about murder but cringe at the mention of necrophilia. Forrester says that if there were any evidence of rape, it would have come out at the trial. Jack says they didn't pursue it because it's not punishable by death sentence. Jack says that Forrester will get his stay, but that some of his fans might change their minds about him. Forrester asks whether Jack is going to walk away without finding out his information. Jack sure is. Traub also stands and makes to leave. Forrester says, "Benjamin Baker. Casey Evans was his victim." Forrester explains that they took the same prison transport, and started bragging about the crimes they got away with. Jack says it almost seems believable, and tells Fineman to check out the name. Forrester says that Jack was right: "Truth, it seems, is the handmaiden of justice after all." I don't know what crimes Forrester did and did not commit, but he deserves to be in prison just because he's so goddamned annoying.

Forrester says that there was someone in the room when Barrington died. Jack steps closer, interested. Forrester says it's someone Jack knows. Jack asks who again. Forrester wants to know if Casey Evans was raped post-mortem. Jack wants to know who. Forrester grins and says, "They say he knew every inch of the Berlin Wall with his fingertips. Knew every Soviet torture because he'd experienced them all personally. His former employers considered him to be a man upon whom they could depend, and his current employers have depended upon him for the last thirty years." Jack realizes, "Hal Molloy." Forrester doesn't know if Molloy just witnessed Barrington's death, or if he actually caused it. Traub wonders how Forrester could know that. Yeah, how could he know? Unless this is all a setup. Forrester says it's not important. Jack wonders why Forrester went to so much trouble to do this. Forrester says that Dan Barrington deserved better than he got. Aw, a serial killer with a conscience. Of sorts. Jack and Forrester share a moment. Forrester leans forward and asks if the rape story is true. Jack replies, "Justice is paramount above all. That's the first thing Dan Barrington taught me." So he was bluffing! Since he just said justice is more important than truth. Jack and Traub leave, and Forrester slumps back in his chair.

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