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Trick Or Treat

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Trick Or Treat

Traub tells Jack that this won't make any difference, because it's hearsay. Jack says it's something to go on. Traub thinks it'll get tricky, because Hal Molloy is not a man to mess with. Jack says that if Molloy is involved with Dan's death, there are others involved too. During this scene, Jack and Traub were walking down a hallway, and there's a guy talking on a payphone on the level below them. I totally thought that guy was going to turn out to be Charlie. Or Molloy. Or Grant. Or Brit. Someone.

Late at night, Grant sneaks into Ariel's office. He uses the key he stole to open her desk drawer, and pulls out the mystery photo. He also finds the materials she was using for research. Willow Peterson's photo is circled. Grant picks up a letter from Dan Barrington, informing the personnel at Triple L that one of their associates, Sean Waters, died tragically. Grant stares at the letter for a while, then looks at the photo again, focusing on the man who isn't Jack and isn't Grant. So I guess that's Dead Sean Waters.

At Riley's home, his son is asleep at the kitchen table. He's still wearing his Halloween costume, and there is candy scattered about. How long did that court visit take? Because it was still sunny out when that was going on, and this time of year, that means it was probably about 4:00 PM. Riley walks into the house, picks up his son, and carries him toward the bedroom. Riley notices his wife watching from the doorway. She twitches her mouth and looks disappointed.

Fineman goes to Charlie's apartment, but when he knocks on the door, it does that thing where it slowly swings open to reveal that the apartment is completely deserted. There is a phone and an answering machine hooked up, and I can't believe Fineman didn't listen to the phone messages. Duh! And also find a pad of paper and use another piece of paper and a pencil to make a rubbing and find out what the last thing written on there was. Doesn't he watch television?

Forrester eats his last meal, which looks like a TV dinner. Man, that sucks. A guard shaves Forrester's leg in preparation for placing the electrode, so I guess he's getting the chair. Another guard says it's time. Forrester slowly stands and the guards lead cuff him up and lead him away. I totally thought he was going to go Lecter and just start killing people while listening to opera music.

Jack walks into his office at Triple L. He notices a bunch of pistachio shells strewn about. So are we to surmise that Hal Molloy has been in there while Jack was gone? I guess so. Unless those are left over from his last visit. Jack stares out his office window -- the same window from which Dan Barrington jumped, or was pushed -- and then shuts the blinds.

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