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Trick Or Treat

Ariel sits on her desk and puts her shirt back on while Grant refastens her stocking to her garter belt. She straightens his tie. They practically start doing it again. Grant's attention turns to a brief he's working on. Ariel asks what time he wants to leave for their date that night. Grant seems less than interested in the whole idea and asks for a red pen. When he opens her desk drawer to get one, he sees something that gives him pause. Ariel, her back turned, says that she's tired of "all this skulking around." Grant pulls out the photo that Ariel stole from Jack's office, but doesn't give any indication to Ariel that he's seen it before throwing it back into the drawer. Ariel starts making out with him again. Grant must be really good in bed.

Riley meets with the AUSA for the Sanchez case. The AUSA says that Sanchez is guilty as sin of breaking and entering, robbery, and assault. She shows Riley the photos of the victim as evidence, but Riley keeps saying "allegedly." The AUSA says that Sanchez used a gun while committing a felony, which is a mandatory five years, and when you add in all of his other charges, he's going to get a minimum sentence of ten-to-fifteen in maximum security. She offers to drop the gun charge if Sanchez pleads guilty to the robbery charge, in which case he'll get three years. Riley wonders what the catch is. The AUSA says that the deal expires tonight. Riley starts to ask why, but he quickly realizes that it's the end of the month. Riley can't believe she'll give this deal just to "close up some files," like she claims. The AUSA says that he'll look like a hero, but if she has to deal with the case after today, she'll be feeling "less than charitable." Riley walks out, unhappy.

A judge eats dinner while he says he's not sure he should give Jack access to Forrester. Some other guy (who I thought was an AUSA, but they say later that he's not, so maybe he works for the judge or something) says that Forrester will say anything to get himself a stay. Jack says that Forrester may have information on Barrington's death. Not-AUSA says he thought that the investigation was closed, and Traub says it's still an open inquiry. The judge thinks that means that they want to go on a fishing trip. Jack appeals to the judge's friendship with Barrington, and asks for access to corroborate information. The judge isn't biting. Well, he's biting his steak -- and watching him is making me really hungry -- but he's not biting about giving Jack access. Jack quotes a speech the judge gave at a fundraiser about how law cases can turn on one fact. Oh, throw that in his face. The judge says that a hanged man has a good memory, and thinks that when Jack doesn't get what he wants, he'll come back to request access again. Jack understands that the state wants to see Forrester executed, and promises that if he gets his information, the execution will go on as planned. But didn't the judge ask what will happen if Jack doesn't get his information? The judge eats some more steak, and says that he'll take Jack's word for it, but he doesn't want Forrester to use this opportunity to put off his execution. The judge orders Not-AUSA, who is named Carlyle, to shut Forrester down if he strays off-topic. Just like I do to the forum posters! The judge claims he doesn't want to be made into a fool. He might want to think about trimming that silly beard, then.

A guy walks up to Charlie's desk and sets down a bunch of boxes. Fineman doesn't look up before starting some witty banter, thinking that the guy is Charlie. The guy sets the boxes down, and Fineman sees that it's not Charlie. The guy introduces himself as Kip. Fineman informs him that he's sitting at someone else's desk. Kip says that Personnel told him to pack up the desk into boxes. Fineman is confused.

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