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Trick Or Treat

Riley visits Sanchez in prison and explains the plea bargain. Sanchez asks if he's supposed to be impressed. Riley says that it's a gift, because Sanchez was looking at fifteen years. Sanchez wonders why they can't take it to trial. Riley says there is too much evidence against him, and that he doesn't have an alibi. Sanchez yells at Riley to make the deal. Riley says he'll let the AUSA know and starts to leave. Sanchez softly says that Riley didn't even ask, but he didn't do the crime; he'll still sign the deal. Riley looks conflicted.

Jack, Fineman, and Traub arrive at the Greenville Correctional Facility in Virginia. A guard leads them through many locked doors and down many long hallways. Traub asks Jack if he has a strategy, and Jack reveals that he really doesn't. He's just going to rely on his natural wits and keen sense of logic! He's Superlawyer! Fineman is clearly not happy about being in the prison. He hands Jack a paper that summarizes the high points of Barrington and Forrester's meetings. Fineman explains that Forrester kept files on all of his victims, weighed the evidence, and then "meted out justice" in his own special way. Jack says it's cool "as long as he gave them a fair hearing." It seems kind of weird to me that Jack -- Mr. I Am the Law -- is so glib about this guy. Fineman says that Forrester has a devoted group of followers who think that he improved the justice system. The AUSA joins the group as they head into Death Row. Jack walks up to a cell. Inside is Steven Weber. Finally, he's being punished for appearing in Wings! He Lecters, "So glad you could make it Mr. Turner. Trick or treat!" He even has his hair slicked back like Anthony Hopkins. What a rip-off.

Jack tells Forrester that everyone thinks he is trying to get a stay of execution, and wonders why Jack should believe him. Forrester says that Jack isn't everyone. Jack wants to know about Barrington's death. Forrester thinks Jack is jumping the gun, but Jack points out that time is an issue. Forrester notes that Carlyle is there to keep them on track, and Traub says that he's there because it's his investigation. Forrester notes that no AUSA is present, so he knows there is no murder investigation. Jack says that they'll ask the questions. Forrester chuckles and starts to lay out the ground rules. Jack doesn't think Forrester is in a position to lay out rules, but Forrester thinks he's in a perfect position to do so. Carlyle says they're not there to be lectured. Forrester reminds them that he has information Jack wants, so he thinks they should follow his rules. Jack agrees to hear them. Forrester says that he just wants to talk. Jack pointedly looks up at the clock, and it's 12:20 PM. Forrester says that "conversation is somewhat limited" in prison, and that if Jack will talk to him, he'll give up the information he has on Barrington's death. Jack says that Barrington died two months ago, so it's fishy that Forrester waited until he was about to be executed to share information. Forrester says that facing death has allowed him a new perspective. Jack tells him to go on. Forrester speaks some Latin, and Fineman translates, "Great is truth and mighty above all things." Jack argues that justice is paramount. Forrester and Jack get into a philosophical debate over whether justice or truth is more important. It sounds like an argument in one of my philosophy classes between my Jesuit instructor and the nerdiest kid in class. Jack wins the argument, and Forrester claps with delight. Carlyle says they're not there for his personal entertainment. Forrester thinks they are, but that they also want to know the truth about Barrington. Forrester claims he "could tell [them] things about Dan Barrington that would curl [their] toes." If he's supposed to be such a scholar, how come he couldn't spell "calendar" in his letter?

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