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Trick Or Treat

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Trick Or Treat

Molly Packard comes into Riley's office. She looks at a picture Riley's daughter made. Riley tells her to pick any file, and offers her a bunch of different cases. Molly heard how Riley got his client a great deal this morning. Riley says it was a gift, and besides, he hasn't accepted the offer yet, because the deadline made him nervous. Molly wonders about the deadline, and Riley says it was so the AUSA would win her monthly office pool. Molly asks if Riley would have a chance at trial, and Riley admits that he wouldn't, but that the accused says he's innocent. Molly shoots him a look, and Riley says he knows they all say that, but that it was something about the way Sanchez said it. Riley thinks for a minute, and then invites Molly to come with him to learn how to "shake an ID."

Back at Triple L, Ariel calls someone named Chester to ask if he's had time to "dig up those face sheets" she asked for. Ariel looks at the mysterious photo while she says that Grant will be very surprised that she tracked down his old friend.

Riley and Molly chuckle over a Halloween decoration in a pawn shop. They return to questioning Jon Polito, who is playing the shop owner Sanchez assaulted and robbed. Polito has a black eye and an arm in a sling, presumably from the assault. He continues telling his story. Molly asks what time it all went down. Polito says it's in the report. Riley says that Polito was getting beaten, and his eyes were swollen and bleeding. Molly adds that it was dark out and the assailant was wearing a hat. Polito figures out what they are up to. Molly and Riley think it's impossible that Polito is 100% sure. Polito says that Sanchez and his friends came into his shop all the time to pawn hot stereo equipment, so his ID is positive.

Brit eats candy corn and reads a memo or something. Grant walks up, and she congratulates him on winning a $12 million case. Brit is happy to hear that Grant made their star witness cry. Grant downplays it. Brit says she had an interesting conversation with Chester from Recruiting. Grant disgustedly asks if he's the one who wears Brooks Brothers and carries a man purse. Brit adds that he loves gossip. I want Chester to be on the show! He sounds awesome! Brit says that Ariel isn't digging up information on Jack; she's digging up things about Grant.

Back at the prison, Jack asks why Barrington would confide in Forrester in the first place. Forrester says that when you discover that justice is complicated, "you make certain choices." Jack clarifies that they're talking about Barrington and not Forrester here. Forrester asks if Jack is aware that Barrington had "accrued substantial debt." Jack knew that. Forrester says that Barrington's daughter was probably quite dismayed. Jack seems surprised that Forrester knew about that. Forrester launches a huge analogy about how being in debt is like spinning your tires in snow, and eventually you have to compromise. Jack asks what compromises Barrington made, and Forrester says that the only thing he had left to compromise was the law. Jack won't hear of it. Forrester starts quoting Shakespeare to show that everyone is capable of compromise. Jack disagrees and gets all agitated. Forrester asks Jack if he has any skeletons in his closet. Forrester asks Jack about his beach house. Jack stops cold. Traub raises his eyebrows, like he either knows something, or thinks he should know something. Forrester asks about Jack's dating life, and whether he "replaced that cute little attorney yet" or if he's still afraid to be in a relationship with a woman who's smarter than him. Jack angrily says he's done there. Forrester concludes, "And give my regards to your mother. How is she doing these days, by the way? Are they treating her okay?" Jack walks back over and slams his hand down on Forrester's table, calling him a son of a bitch. It just got interesting!

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