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Trick Or Treat

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Trick Or Treat

Forrester asks if he hit a sore point or two. Jack asks what Forrester really wants. Forrester says he wants a champion, and that he needs someone who is "passionate enough to fight the good fight in spite of the odds." Jack contemptuously says that Forrester doesn't give a damn about the good fight. Jack is a cursing machine! Forrester says that he does, and that Jack will never know how much he cares, because "without passion, good men rot and die in prison." Forrester adds, "Men like Andrew Wilkins." Carlyle leans forward and asks what he said. Forrester rants on that someone could end up being convicted of a murder he didn't commit. Carlyle says that the interview will be over if Forrester stays off-topic. Forrester remembers that the victim's name was Casey Evans, and that he slit her throat. Carlyle calls for a guard. Jack thinks that Forrester is lying because it doesn't match his M.O. Forrester says he was young, and she got his drink order wrong, because she wasn't much of a waitress. A bunch of guards arrive and drag Forrester out of the room, but not before he says that an innocent man will die in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Carlyle is yelling at someone to turn the camera off and get Forrester out of there. Forrester leaves the room asking if Wilkins deserves a champion. Sure! Call Angel!

The judge yells at Jack that he's going to hold him in contempt, and also bar him from practicing in his jurisdiction. Jack's probably like, "Oh, no! I can't practice law in Virginia! Where I come, like, once a month, if that! Please, have mercy!" The judge also wants to recommend sanctions. Jack thinks that would be playing into Forrester's hands. The judge thinks Jack is "being played like a drunk on the nickel slots." I hope this judge shows up again. He's feisty! He orders Carlyle to rustle up some deputies and escort Jack and his friends to the state line. I always wanted to be escorted to the state line or the county line. But I think that would involve pissing someone off in authority, an act I avoid at all costs. Jack says that Forrester is going to win, because by confessing to Casey Evans's murder, he got his stay of execution. Because they can't kill someone who's under investigation for another crime, because it would compromise the investigation? I don't know if that's true. That's what I'm guessing. The judge says that the "state of Virginia won't be held hostage by a psychopath." Now is he a psychopath or a sociopath? Or both? The judge insists that the whole conversation about Casey Evans never happened, and Carlyle agrees. The judge plans on "pulling the switch" that night. Jack says he's going to file a grievance against the judge because he's purposely ignoring a confession of murder. The judge says this isn't about justice; Jack just wants to find out more about Barrington's death. Jack asks for one more visit with Forrester. The judge wants to know why. Jack says he'd like to tell him, but then the judge would have to testify to it on the stand. Oh, what happened to Mr. Ethics?

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