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Trick Or Treat

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Trick Or Treat

Riley is on his way out of work to meet his kids. He gives some last-minute instructions to Molly, including telling her how to accept the deal for Sanchez. He warns her about Sanchez's bad attitude. Molly relates that she was talking to a cop who choked on his sandwich when he heard of the deal, because it turns out that this is the fourth time Polito has been ripped off in the past seven months, and she bets they will try to pin those robberies on Sanchez too. Picture me like Adam Sandler in The Wedding Singer, asking Molly if she didn't think this would have been good information to give Riley yesterday. Riley doesn't think anything of this information, since he's got to get home to his kids, but he slowly catches his snap and runs back into his office, hollering to Molly to find Kathy and get the number of an insurance specialist he's used before. Molly is perplexed.

Ariel is working on her computer. Grant walks in and asks what she's working on. Um, her computer? I just said that, Grant! Pay attention. Ariel says that Jack wants her to brief something today. Grant thinks Jack is starting to rely on Ariel, and says that's good because it fits into their plans. He steps behind Ariel and starts massaging her shoulders in a threatening way. She asks what he's up to. Grant says he made dinner reservations for them. Ariel is still suspicious, but kind of happy to hear that they will no longer be skulking around. Grant spins Ariel in her chair so that she is facing him. She starts kissing his neck, and he reaches out and grabs a key on her desk and pockets it. Ariel is too busy jumping his bones to notice. Grant breaks it off and says he's looking forward to tonight. Just because they're not going to hide their relationship anymore doesn't mean they have to do it in the office all of the time. Unprofessional!

Traub pulls Jack out of his meeting and says that the night Casey Evans was murdered, she was wearing a pair of beer-bottle earrings. Classy! One was in her ear, and the other was ripped out and never found. Traub adds that it was never in the press and never came out at the trial. Traub says that the detective who worked the case choked on his doughnut when he heard. What is with law-enforcement people choking on things in this episode? Jack says that Forrester could have made this confession to anyone if all he wanted was a stay of execution. Traub asks how they would act if they were facing execution, and adds that it's "the last move of a very desperate man." Jack insists that Forrester knows something. Traub tells him that it's over, and that Forrester won his stay. So if he won't be killed, why is it over? Can't they keep questioning him?

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