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Trick Or Treat

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Trick Or Treat

Forrester sits in the meeting room. Jack and Traub walk back in and rejoin Carlyle and Fineman. Jack says that the earrings checked out. Carlyle is pissed, because they'll have to inform the Attorney General, and the judge will be pissed. He reminds Jack that he's about to have his Virginia privileges revoked, and leaves. Forrester says that the truth will set you free, and that Traub is pedestrian for thinking that they are just delaying the inevitable. He also insults Traub's career amibitions. Man, the way this guy gets inside people's heads is amazing! Then Forrester turns to Fineman and asks if he can still hear the lambs. Kidding. Jack is surprised that Forrester confessed to the Evans murder, since he's so careful about his reputation. Forrester doesn't get it. Jack says he didn't tell them that he raped Casey Evans post-mortem. Fineman nearly vomits. Jack is totally bluffing. It's so obvious. Forrester's mouth twitches as he tries to figure out Jack's game.

Riley and Molly wait in the courtroom. Polito walks in with the AUSA, who asks if Riley is ready to sign the plea. Riley sends Molly off somewhere, and then says that he needs a moment with Polito to clarify some details. Molly asks the baliff to give them a few minutes before he brings in their client. The judge asks Riley if he's ready. Riley claims that he's waiting for his client. He asks Polito if his burglar alarm was turned off when the robbery occurred. The AUSA asks what Riley is doing. He's working on motive...for insurance fraud! What a shocker! The AUSA thinks he's kidding. The judge asks if there's a problem. Riley asks Polito if he knew that the security company keeps records of when the alarm is armed, and when it's not, and that it was armed until about ten minutes before the crime was reported. Riley says it was the same deal the two other times Polito's store was robbed in the past seven months. The judge and the AUSA look confused. Polito thinks Riley is calling him a liar. Riley says that Polito also kept switching insurance companies so that none of them would catch on. The baliff brings Sanchez into the room. The AUSA thought they had a deal. Riley says that they did, but that when he tells a client to sign away years of his life, he likes to verify the facts first. The AUSA points out that Polito was beaten. Riley asks Polito if he's a drug user, and says that he was beaten for not paying drug debts. The judge asks if Riley is ready to make the deal. Riley says he won't be making it, because his client is innocent. The AUSA quietly asks if Riley can prove it. Riley says it's not his job to prove insurance fraud, but that he can definitely introduce reasonable doubt into Sanchez's case. The judge calls the lawyers up and says she hates having her time wasted. Riley starts to apologize, but the judge is pissed at the AUSA. Riley requests a probable-cause hearing, and the judge grants it. She also tells the AUSA not to waste the court's time in the hearing. Sanchez is like, "Awesome! Now I can go hook up with my dad's girlfriend!"

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