Fall Pilot Season: The Mentalist

by Zach Oat September 24, 2008
The Mentalist Premiere

Jane flips through it, but as Wagner approaches he snaps it shut and thanks him, heading for the exit. Wagner runs after him in a panic, reminding him he forgot his phone. They both enter Wagner's office, and Jane recovers his phone from the couch cushions as Wagner recovers a pistol from his desk and demands the diary. Jane hands it over, and Ivanek proves why he's an Emmy winner as he slowly realizes he's been had. Without admitting to anything, he asks what led Jane to him. Jane thought it was odd that Wagner didn't know who Redjohn was when he has a book on his shelf with an entire chapter on the killer. As the Randolph family physician (and psychotherapist, apparently), Wagner could get one of Tag's hairs, and as a doctor, he could hack up someone in cold blood. Yikes. That's a pretty damning generalization about doctors, although Wagner seems to have several job descriptions, so maybe "butcher" is one of them.

After admitting that his fake Redjohn letter was "mean-spirited" (that's what I thought!), Wagner reveals that Tannen was going to turn him in for embezzlement, thereby jeopardizing Wagner's good work in Africa. Allison Randolph was a red herring, to lead the police away from the practice. Jane tells Wagner he's under arrest and that there are no bullets in his gun, a lie that distracts Wagner long enough for him to make a break for it. At the entrance, Jane finds Rigsby, who showed up as ordered (if a little late) and just in time to draw his piece on Wagner. Way to save the cockblocker, Rigsby.

Back at the police station, a cheery Jane brings in case-closed donuts for the team as they pack up all of the evidence boards, but everyone is pissed at him for closing the case without them, and not letting them in on his suspicions. Rigsby is forgiving enough to eat a donut. By means of apology, Jane puts an origami frog on Lisbon's desk -- I don't think he folded it himself, because it looks like Cho threw it to him just before. So Cho is the team's origami expert. Good to know. Lisbon scoffs at the gift, until it jumps up and startles her. She looks flustered, and Jane smiles as he leaves. Awww.

Then we see Jane going home to an empty house -- it looks like it's the house he came home to before, only this time there's no tricycle, or furniture of any kind. He climbs the stairs and walks over to a small mattress on the floor in the corner of a room, then lies down on it in his clothes. The camera pans up to reveal a faded Redjohn smiley face on the wall. It looks like someone tried to scrub it off, but couldn't. This is the room where his wife and child were killed. This is where he sleeps. This is totally effed up. This show is awesome.

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