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Will you please be quiet, please?
Last week on Survivor: Michael passed out in Kucha's fire and burned his hands. The last immunity challenge was cancelled, setting up an even merge. Is there no justice in the world?

It's night-vision time on Day 18 at Kucha camp where the team sits around glowing in the dark and discussing the upcoming merge. Alicia says that Ogakor has been "granted a gift" with Mike's evacuation. The team agrees that Ogakor knew they were going to be voted off one by one if Kucha merged ahead. Elisabeth then tells the others that they have loyalty to each other but not to the other tribe. In a confessional, Jeff says they've talked about strategy "ever since Mike got hurt." Since Mike got hurt on Day 18, this means they've been planning their strategy for less than a day. Jeff then tells us that the last thing Mike said to them was that "somebody from Kucha needs to take this money" and that regardless of what happens they need to -- ALL TOGETHER NOW -- "Eat 'em up and spit 'em out." Alicia says it's going to get ugly and the tribe agrees it will be crucial to win the first vote. Actually, Nick says they have to win the first vote, and everyone else agrees with him. Rodger, who was not born to run, then pats Nick on the shoulder and calls him "son." Aw. Elisabeth says she'll first vote for Colby then Jerri. The others agree. Jeff tells them he was talking to Jerri during one of the challenges and the conversation revealed that she was a "shrewd woman," and at first I thought he said "shrew woman" which is the more satisfying description. Jeff tells us that Kucha needs to find Ogakor's weak link in order to sway the vote in their favor. There's so much more strategizing this time around -- or at least so much more being shown to us! Alicia says that Tina won't turn on her team and everyone agrees. No one says she's a star or a constellation. No one compares Tina to any sort of astrological phenomenon at all. Jeff says that Keith is the most likely to turn on his tribe and then someone suggests that Lamber might be vulnerable as well. Alicia then tells the others that she and Nick are going to be targeted by Ogakor in the vote. Since the strong leader types are the usual targets, it's an assumptive thing to say. Elisabeth then says, "See, I think they'll be voting for me," because she's so cutely threatening. Jeff shuts them all up when he says that Ogakor will vote for him because Kimmi told Tina in one of the first challenges that Debb voted against him. Jeff then clears up some forum speculation by revealing that both teams were informed about the "deadlocked" rule. Nick says he thinks the other team might not remember that rule because he forgot all about it. Jeff says it's "never left [his] mind." It's probably never left Mitchell's mind either.

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