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In the opening series of interviews, Nicole still wants to beat some of the guys, and feels like she finally has some idea who The Mole is, especially now that so many of her suspects have been eliminated. Sounds promising.

Jon greets the remaining players and asks them to divide into a group of three smart players and two dumb players. Craig and Nicole immediately volunteer to be dumb. Nicole claims that she's trying to keep an eye on Craig, like she hasn't been in a group with him almost every time. Jon explains the game: they will get clues that will lead them all over the city looking for answers, in the form of numbers. Then they have to return to home base and enter the numbers in a computer, but they aren't allowed to write them down. The "dumb" players have to remember five numbers and the "smart" players only have to remember three. Mark interviews that he's concerned about sabotage from Craig and Nicole. Is Mark ever NOT worried about sabotage? He listens to the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" on repeat, and then he plays it on Rock Band (side note: I am awesome at the drums for that song in Rock Band).

The clock is set at seventy minutes, and the players take off. Mark and Nicole arrive at the location for the first clue and decide that Mark will do the math for their team, and Nicole will do the memorizing. Their first answer is 13. If Nicole's not good at math, I'm kind of worried about her ability to prescribe the correct dosage of medications for her patients. Was she the doctor who prescribed Heparin to Dennis Quaid's twins? It all kind of makes sense now. Meanwhile, on the "smart" team, Mark and Clay have a disagreement over the math, with Clay using some wacky new math and claiming that he's a math genius. Mark finally points out why he can't be wrong (because 7 - 2 = 5, kind of hard to argue with), and Clay realizes his argument isn't going to work and gives in. Paul is pretty silent throughout. Mark quickly solves the rest of the clue and comes up with 610.

Craig and Nicole figure out their second clue (we don't see it happen, so they must get it right pretty quickly), which is 21. For the third clue, they try to do the math and Craig either gets confused or purposely tries to mess things up, but Nicole catches him and they get their third answer: 89.

The "smart team" has their second answer: 4181. Meanwhile, with almost an hour left, Nicole and Craig are heading for their fourth clue, which they discover is 189. Even though they had more answers to discover, the numbers so far have been smaller and thus easier to remember.

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