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Self-Execute? Not So Much.

The players do interviews with their loved ones and everyone seems to happy and kind of cute! Even Paul! Even Nicole! I kind of want their loved ones to be present all of the time.

The players take the quiz. They do always find the coolest location for the quiz. It's always in a castle, or outside in a scenic location or something.

Time for results! The loved ones join the players to find out who will be executed. Jon reveals that there is a tie tonight, and Nicole says out loud, "Oops." Heh. Guess her self-execution strategy might not work out. Jon starts accessing the results. Paul... is safe. Nicole... is safe. She wrinkles her nose and apologizes to her mother. Clay... is out. Shit. There goes my Mole pick. Oh, man. Now I have no freaking clue. Nicole admits to her mother that she couldn't self-execute, and her mother calls her "Omarosa." Seriously, can Nicole's mom stick around? She makes me like Nicole.

Okay, so I need a new Mole pick. I'm going to go with Craig. I just don't think it can be Mark -- he's had way too many opportunities to sabotage that he didn't take. And I don't think it's Nicole. She's too unstable. So it's either Paul or Craig, and I have to believe that Paul is in it for the money. So I'm going with Craig, until he gets executed next week.

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