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Five Celebrities

Corbin walks out and Erik says he misses Corbin already. Kathy says she can't believe that Corbin got executed, because he played the game every minute and had detailed notes. She says she would love to get her hands on his journal, no offense to the other players. Michael says he's freaked out, and with every execution he feels closer to an emotional breakdown. Corbin announces to the camera that he hates the game. Erik says he didn't think he'd miss him, but he does. Corbin says it's kind of a relief, and that he thinks the ratings will go down now. Girl, please. Like anyone is tuning in to see your tired L.A. Law ass. Kathy says she misses Corbin, because he was fun and always said weird stuff. Frederique says that, in the beginning, she thought he was losing his mind, and that he was overacting. Michael says that Corbin's falling down while chasing sheep was classic. Yes. Yes, it was. Even better was when he then insisted that he needed a tetanus shot and emergency care and a giant bandage for the tiny scratch on his arm. Kathy says that Corbin lost forty pounds that week, and that he will die if they don't tell him who The Mole is. Michael says they'll miss Corbin because he was their captain and leader, and offers up a salute. Corbin gets in the limo and pulls out.

Next week: They celebrities have to do hula dancing and surfing. Then there's a race and some weird guy grabs Frederique. What the hell was that?

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