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Five Celebrities

Erik asks what Ahmad would do. What a dumb question. Ahmad says he's not in the game. Erik says he'll take the money. Ahmad clarifies that Erik won't get the exemption, which would guarantee him into the next round. Hee! I wonder if Ahmad would have made that clarification with any other player. Erik says it's a lot of money, and that he's confident that he knows who The Mole is. Interesting. Does that mean that Kathy knows who The Mole is, too, since they have a coalition? Ahmad announces that the pot now stands at $102,000.

Back on the shore, Kathy struts into the water and tells everyone to look at her ass, which is...well, it looks like a normal person's ass, not a celebrity ass. She also wears her sneakers and socks (they're not high tops, as I had thought earlier) into the water. In an interview, Kathy says she was determined not to be seen on television in a bathing suit, but that she couldn't care less because it's too hot. She adds that her "cellulite was flying all over" and "here's the kicker: Corbin won't stop making the boat." Everyone else cools off in the water as Corbin flips the raft over to show them how they should have done it. Corbin marches out of the water and says that he's going to make it work because it's pissing him off. In an interview, Corbin says it had to cast some suspicions on him as the builder, since he couldn't get it done. Good! Let them be suspicious of you, if you're not The Mole. Let them throw some votes your way, and get themselves executed for it. Does he understand how the game works? Corbin gets the raft together, then sits on it and says this is what he was aiming for. And then the raft flips over backwards. Hee! That was awesome.

In an interview, Erik says that when he came back in to tell the others what happened, he wanted to test the waters and see how they would react if he took the exemption and lost the money. Erik explains the first offer Ahmad made. Kathy says she would have never taken an exemption, which is a bald-faced lie. Erik explains the second offer and admits that he didn't take the exemption. Kathy says that's definitely what she would have done. Frederique thinks it's cool. Corbin thanks Erik for "making it perfectly clear who The Mole is." I guess. I mean if Corbin were suspecting Erik and one other player, he might have just eliminated Erik from suspicion, because The Mole definitely would have taken the exemption to prevent the money from going in the pot. It's a way to sabotage without having it look like sabotage, since most players would want the exemption. Everyone thanks Erik, and he looks really disappointed that the other players aren't more appreciative of his sacrifice. In an interview, Erik says he thought the players would be more overjoyed and less suspicious. In an interview, Kathy says she was shocked that Erik took the money, because any other player would have taken the exemption. In an interview, Michael says that turning down the exemption made Erik look both less like The Mole and more like The Mole. I understand where Michael is coming from, because it does seem like you could spin any action in this game either way, but I really think it makes Erik look less like The Mole. In an interview, Frederique says it was honorable, but it adds something to her "Erik list." That he's a dumb-ass? Frederique walks out of the water, looking like the supermodel she is. Kathy notices and says, "Look at this one. Like I need that shit." Then she prances out of the water, imitating Frederique's gait.

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