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Five Celebrities

Ahmad appears and says he hopes they left some room, because it's time for their next game. A woman walks out with a tray full of hot chili peppers. In an interview, Kathy says that her mind went to the "absolute worst-case scenario," like they might be "stuck in a barrel of hot peppers and have to eat [their] way out." I think the players should all be happy right now that Kathy is not one of the producers of the show. In an interview, Michael says that he loves hot food, but he knows he can only take so much, because his eyes water and he sweats and gets a jittery stomach.

The players walk into a room. On a table is a plastic maze containing five mice. In an interview, Corbin says that he thought that they would have to stick the mice in their mouths, or maybe they would have a choice to eat a pepper or a mouse. In an interview, Kathy says that they all got nauseated thinking about what the game might be. Ahmad explains that they each get to pick a mouse. The mouse will be released, and whichever door the mouse runs through will determine which pepper the player has to eat. Each pepper is worth $10,000. Ahmad will ask each player a pop-culture question. A correct answer means the player can either eat the pepper or pass it on to another player. An incorrect answer means the player has to eat the pepper for the money. Ahmad points out that each pepper is numbered from one to six. One means hot, and six means really, really, really hot. The name of the game is "Looky Looky Hot Pepper." That sounds like a Japanese videogame. Ahmad explains the name. The player must bite the pepper in the middle and chew, and when ready, the other players say "Looky looky!" and look at the chewed-up pepper before the player can swallow. I know the point is to make the player keep the pepper in his or her mouth longer, as well as disallow the player from swallowing the pepper whole, but the whole thing is kind of twee. I mean, "Looky looky"? Kathy asks if the game could be called "Trust Me, Trust Me, Hot Pepper," but Ahmad shoots her down. Ahmad announces that the best way to cool down a mouthful of hot pepper is with a glass of milk, and he will sell them each a glass, if they want one, for $1000 per glass. Ahmad jokes that it retails for $2000. Shut up, Ahmad. Why is he the host? If they do have another season, they really can't let him host again. My vote for the new host is Darwin from the last season. He has everything Ahmad has, and he's not a tool. And he's funny. And easy on the eyes. I'm just saying.

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