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Five Celebrities

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Five Celebrities

Corbin volunteers to go first. His question is: "What future Playboy model was born Vickie Lynn Hogan, then worked at Jim's Crispy Fried Chicken as she waited for her big break?" Duh! Anna Nicole Smith! It's right in the credits to her show. And mentioned in every article about her stupid show. To add insult to injury, they make the question multiple choice, and Corbin chooses "Pamela Anderson." Kathy totally knew the answer. Corbin chooses the mouse named Stripe, who runs right for the hottest pepper. Corbin picks out a hot pepper, tosses it in his mouth and chews it up. Everyone looks at the chewed-up pepper, and then Corbin swallows it and acts all macho.

Erik is up next. His question: "What magazine did Brad Pitt sue for publishing nude photos of him in 1997?" Erik looks at Kathy, who can't help him. He immediately yells, "Vogue." Oh, dear. Yes, Vogue often publishes unauthorized nude pictures of celebrities. I mean, if he had at least guessed a tabloid, I would have had some respect for him. The answer is Playgirl. I don't think it's fair that Erik didn't get multiple choice like Corbin. Erik chooses the mouse named Grey Ghost. They try to call the mouse into the #1 pepper slot, but it goes for #4. In an interview, Erik says he doesn't even like non-spicy peppers, like bell peppers. Erik smells the pepper. In an interview, Kathy says that Erik told her he's "not a good spicy person." Erik takes a big bite of his pepper, chews, lets everyone look, and swallows. It takes him a while to swallow, but he manages.

Ahmad asks Corbin if he's doing okay. Corbin, because he's a big man, grabs another #6 pepper and pops it in his mouth. Corbin realizes that the second pepper was a little hotter than the first. Hee! What an asshole. Ahmad moves on to ask Michael his question: "Felicity was the first name of Heather Graham's character in the second Austin Powers movie. What was her last name?" How can you work in the entertainment industry and not know this? Kathy is dying that Michael doesn't know the answer. In an interview, Kathy says that she hasn't even seen the movie, but that she knows the answer. Me too! How could you have read even one magazine when that movie came out and not know it? Michael thinks it's something like "Schtupalot," but doesn't know. Ahmad asks if anyone else knows the answer, and Kathy yells, "Shagwell!" Ahmad says she's right, but Michael didn't know it, so he has to eat a pepper. Michael picks the mouse named Daphne, who runs to pepper #5. Ahmad reminds them that this is the second hottest pepper. Michael hesitates before taking a bite, and we go to commercial, wondering if he's going to complete the task.

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